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Addison Rae’s New Song ‘Obsessed’ Has Listeners Not Obsessed

Addison Rae’s transition from Tiktok star to singer shocks fans…even myself.

Rae, 20, released her latest song ‘Obsessed’ with questionable lyrics and music video. Many people were not Obsessed with the new wannabe poster’s new anthem.

“OBSESSED out NOW on all platforms!!!!! I’m so emotional right now,” Rae posted on Instagram. This song makes me feel so many things!!! I love music. that’s all.

The song came as a surprise for many Addison Rae fans since she never announced her interest for music on social media. It is alleged that Addison Rae’s upcoming single will be released next month produced by Benny Blanco. In addition, many people are suspecting that Addison Rae is collabing with Nicki Minaj very soon.

Addison Rae will star in the remake of She’s All That streaming on Netflix in 2021. This film is called He’s All That focusing on a gender swaped plot.

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