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Zodiac & Astrology Fun Facts

Many people do not believe in astrology, but I do. Below I have listed fun facts about Scorpios.

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  • Scorpios can be very competitive
  • Scorpio’s are the best at keeping secrets and are super loyal
  • Scorpio’s seem very closed off at first. Once you get to know them, they will be super hilarious.
  • Scorpio’s are great at observing
  • They can be very self centered
  • Scorpio’s are very emotional
  • Do not ever cross a Scorpio, their revenge plan will be brutal
  • Scorpio’s can be very jealous and possessive
  • They tend to put people’s needs before theirs
  • Scorpio’s are very brave and intelligent
  • They are very sarcastic

Celebrities Who Are Scorpios

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Kendall Jenner
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Sean Combs

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