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  • Has Sneaker Culture Been Ruined by Hype Beasts and Social Media?

    Sneaker culture is its own world in the retrospect of fashion. Thanks to Michael Jordan and Hip-Hop music, these two factors helped launched sneaker culture into a global phenomenon. During the 90’s, young kids, especially inner-city kids, would wait on line for hours just to score a vintage Jordan 1 apart of their sneaker collection. […]

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    How To Manifest During the New Moon In Aries

    Even though 2022 has had its up’s and down’s, it is time to stay on track with the upcoming new moon’s for your blessings. This article is beneficial to use for every moon rising in a different zodiac. On the other hand, we will focus on April’s new moon in Aries. Even if you are […]

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    The Negative Effects of Body Image on Tiktok and Beyond

    Tiktok is one of the most popular social media apps for a reason. The videos are hilarious, and there is a space for each age group. On the other hand, the illusion of the perfect body can be pushed by Tiktok creators and the app itself. With Instagram models, BBL’s, and gym culture being pushed […]

  • How Sexism Effects Female Music Artists Coinciding With Their Male Counterparts

    Music is one of the most popular entities of the entertainment industry. While grossing at least billions of dollars a year, one would think that the music industry prioritizes their female artists. On the other hand, sexism is still alive despite female and male counterparts working together. Recently, the rapper Latto spoke about having a […]

  • Cinderella Receives Backlash Due To Possibly Winning the Oscars Fan Favorite Award

    Cinderella as we all know is a classic fairytale. A mistreated step-daughter, with questionable animal communication, becomes a princess. In 2021, Amazon Prime decided to put a spin on the classic story. In the musical film, it stars singer and actress, Camilla Cabello. The film did receive many fantastic reviews, but many viewers were not […]

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    Black Tiktok Creators Once Again Silenced At Nicki Minaj’s Barbz Secret Meeting

    If you do not know by know, Black people create the trends, especially on Tiktok. Unfortunately, Tiktok has sadly put white creators on the pedestal over the trend setters. I am not saying that allyship is not visible on Tiktok, but the social platform continues to make sure that black creators do not strive further […]

  • Support A Teen Mogul Standing In Power With My Crowd Funding Campaign

    Did you know that I started my own crowdfunding campaign? This campaign, for, will help elevate my brand on numerous levels. Not only will this funding aid in marketing, it will help expand my brand on various media platforms, purchasing needed brand supplies, and displaying my brand to schools and events. Check out my […]

  • The Importance of Jules and Elliot’s Relationship To Teach Viewers A Lesson

    Thanks to season two, many Euphoria viewers are upset that Jules is cheating on Rue with Elliot. The situation is messed up due to the fact that Jules didn’t even like Elliot at first. When she first met the new character on the hit HBO show, she became jealous and enraged.Even though Rue pretended to […]

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    Rihanna Launches New Fenty Beauty Lipstick Featuring Her Iconic Cupid’s Bow

    Rihanna may not be dropping an album anytime soon, but the billionaire is constantly working on Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand that shook up the beauty industry. It is no doubt that Rihanna knows this, and she is aware that she has to impress her customers with amazing collections. The Fenty Icon […]

  • What Is Rice Water? The Secret To Fast Hair Growth…No Matter Your Hair Type

    Did you cut your hair accidentally way too much? Have you regretted not rocking long hair since your teenage years? Rice water is the perfect solution for you, and the price is shocking. Picture: Rice water has been a miracle apart of my hair routine. Since I have thick hair, it is essential to […]