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Black Tiktok Creators Once Again Silenced At Nicki Minaj’s Barbz Secret Meeting

If you do not know by know, Black people create the trends, especially on Tiktok. Unfortunately, Tiktok has sadly put white creators on the pedestal over the trend setters.

I am not saying that allyship is not visible on Tiktok, but the social platform continues to make sure that black creators do not strive further than a couple thousand followers. For example, look at the Forbes list for highest paying TikTokers. The creators on this list, who made millions of dollars, include Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Josh Richards, and many more white creators. Not a single person on this list was a Black creator.

It truly is infuriating to see creators benefit from Black creators, but it gets worse. According to multiple creators on Tiktok, the video based app had an exclusive event for Black influencers. One, many creators I knew were not invited. Two, Tiktok allegedly did not send Black Tiktoker’s the link until last minute. You may think to yourself, Ameenha how last minute did these influencers get the link? According to various sources, the link was not sent to creators until ten minutes after the Zoom event started.

According to Tiktok creator Erick Louis, “So tiktok organized an event for black history month partnering with Nicki Minaj. The event was supposed to- and should have been a space for black content creators but the turnout ended up being a large number of non black creators doing the most talking and taking up space.”

This situation escalated further when white creators, allegedly of course, were majority of the guests who occupied the Zoom. Also, some of these creators received the link to the Zoom hours in advance. A white TikToker, who goes by @bryanthediamond, was invited the event. It seems that Tiktok marketed the event as a Black creator event. Furthermore, Nicki Minaj stated that this event was only for Black creators.

Bryan included a picture of the email he received from Tiktok. In this email, Tiktok addressed the “technical issues” with the event. “On behalf of the Tiktok creator team, we apologize for the confusion and negative experiences, as this was intended to be an opportunity for fans to connect with Nicki in a unique setting to celebrate her new music. Each creator in attendance was personally invited to the event-unfortunately, due to extensive technical issues with production, not everyone who RSVP’d was able to access the Zoom room.”


Reply to @cedonifrancis That being said, I am holding myself accountable. I apologize

♬ original sound – Bryan 💎

I think this statement, posted by @bryanthediamond, was honestly pure BS. I have been personally invited to Tiktok event with 300+ attendees on Zoom. I am not sure if Tiktok only wants white creators to prosper, but it is time for this to stop. When creators are posting about this event, their videos, including mine, are under review for 6 hours. The creators invited to this event needs to call out Tiktok directly and their workers. Each representative from this social platform is responsible for these creators not having a great time.

Nicki Minaj addressed the event, and stated, “Girl stop. Its a Zoom for only black creators this time but thank you for not coming.” These comments are apart of multiple statements commented on a Tiktok post.

It is time for non-Black creators to stop making millions of dollars from other creators. Black Tiktok creators should not be getting the crumbs from this platform. It take hours to film videos, and Black Tiktoker’s bring originality to this app. It is disheartening to see Black creators be responsible for these apps to make billions of dollars, and these platforms truly do not care. A statement via email makes up for nothing for how these creators feel. It is time for Black creators to stick together, so they can be on the Forbes list next year. Furthermore, these creators need to take this to the media. Tiktok should not get away with this, especially during Black History Month.

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