Crazy Rich Asians Review

Crazy Rich Asians is making history by being one of the few movies to feature an all Asian cast. Crazy Rich Asians is already taking over the box office. Crazy Rich Asians made forty four  million dollars in its opening weekend. This movie has earned so much money, a Crazy Rich Asians sequel is already in production. Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic comedy based from the novel written by Kevin Kwan. Crazy Rich Asians is the movie that all families will enjoy. Rachel Chu, who is Chinese American, is over the rainbow to accompany her boyfriend Nick to a wedding in Singapore. Rachel Chu has no idea what conflicts is waiting for her on the other side of the world.  Rachel Chu has no idea that her boyfriend Nick is rich, until she boards a first class flight. When Rachel arrives in Singapore, she is completely thrown into the spotlight and unknown traditions. Rachel has to deal with jealously and Nick’s very disapproving mother. Luckily, Rachel has great friends to some what help her during her time in Singapore.

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Crazy Rich Asians is the most epic romantic movie of 2018. Crazy Rich Asians will make you happy, mad, and make you ugly cry like Kim Kardashian.  The wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians was so beautiful, I was literally crying. Every time I tried to see Crazy Rich Asians, it was sadly sold out. I finally got a ticket to see the movie by checking the AMC seating chart every five minutes online. In my opinion, I think people were really just hyping up Crazy Rich Asians. You can say that idea was no more when I left the movie theater. The thing I also love about Crazy Rich Asians is that it is super hilarious. It was so hilarious that a guy in the movie theater was so close to peeing his pants. I also love to see how Hollywood is changing in diversity. Rachel and Nick have such amazing chemistry in the movie, it is literally unreal. I would give Crazy Rich Asians a ten out of ten stars. Crazy Rich Asians is changing the movie industry in such an amazing and impactful way. If you are reading this right now, you need to get your butt in the movie theater if you have not seen Crazy Rich Asians.


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