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Deadly El Paso Shooting Updates

In the United States, there has been over 200 mass shooting in less than a decade. The United States has very loose gun control laws, especially in Florida and Texas.

On August third, a deadly shooting took place at El Paso Texas. More than twenty people were left dead at a shopping center. Over two dozen people were injured. The suspected shooter is Patrick Crusius. Many people around the globe are considering this tragic case as domestic terrorism.



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Andra Litton, KTSM Staff, and Associated Press

Jordan Anchondo died while protecting her two month old son.

Crusis took the lives away from twenty people. These people were sons, daughters, fathers, parents, and even grandparents. Crusis also shot his own sister to death.


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The Investigation

Girls stand outside the Walmart after the shooting.
Girls standing outside the El Paso shooting location

The El Paso District Attorney declared that the suspect is charged and will most likely receive the death penalty. We actually learned that this mass shooting was premeditated as well.


The weapon used during the shooting was a rifle.

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