Donshea Hopkins : Hollywood’s Latest Triple Threat

Donshea Hopkins is a sixteen year old triple threat in the Hollywood setting. Donshea Hopkins is a actress, singer and screen play writer.  You have most likely seen Donshea Hopkins on the big screen. Donshea Hopkins has starred in Power, Orange is the New Black, The Detour, and the upcoming movie The Bobby Brown Story. Donshea is truly a one of a kind and talented person. I am pleased to also interview one of my very good friends. I was so excited to talk to Donshea about her favorite TV shows to her latest work in Hollywood.


Donshea Hopkins starring in Power


  Ameenha: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Donshea:  My mom and my fans

Ameenha: What has been your favorite acting role?

 Donshea: Probably Chase on The Detour even though it was only a guest starring role, it was the most fun I have had  in a while. Mostly because I got to show off my comedic side.

Ameenha: How do you plan to inspire others?

 Donshea: By actually accomplishing my goals. I hear so many stories form my fans and people in general about people in general about how they felt they’d never achieve their dreams . Also, or they’ll never get the chance to work their dream job.

 Ameenha: I see that you write movies, why did you start doing screen plays?

Donshea: The whole screen writing process started at around three, just as a creative outlet. I would write short stories, commercials, and etc. Then as I got older and started taking more advanced acting classes, I soon learned that I had to start writing my own scripts. Then it just became second nature to screen write, soon I took it more seriously and decided that I’d like to pitch and produce those scripts to television networks.

Ameenha: What do you prefer, Instagram or Twitter?

Donshea: Ooo that’s tough because you have Instagram which is basically the holy grail of social media, its like everything’s on there. And then there’s Twitter which has been the originator of quality memes since I’ve joined social media. But hands down Instagram

Ameenha: You have acted for many years, you also sing. When do you plan to release new music?

Donshea: This summer

Ameenha:If you were hired to act in you favorite TV show, what would it be?

Donshea: Probably The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, or American Horror Story


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