Dream Analysis: What Does Your Dreams Mean?

Dreaming of angels: this shows success and protection in your life.

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Dreaming of falling: this shows a sign of anxiety and failure in some situations.

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Dreaming of fire: this shows a sign of financial success. A very large fire shows that you need to guard your finances.

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Dreaming of colors:

Black: can forecast difficult situations.

Pink: can forecast great success.

White: can forecast very amazing success in all situations.

Yellow: this is a sign of wisdom and great energy.

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Dreaming of drowning: this shows that you are fearful and overwhelmed.

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Dreaming of alligators: this shows that someone around you does not have your best interests at heart.

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Dreaming of animals:

Domestic animals: This shows comfort and gentleness.

Wild animals: This shows an unknown fear or danger.

Dreaming of birds: this shows that you are expecting a message or hoping to hear from someone.

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Dreaming of aliens: this shows that you want to expect new things in life.

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Dreaming being in a uncontrollable car: this shows that you are losing control of your career.

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Dreaming about a baby: this shows that you feel a new sense of possibility

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Dreaming of finding someone: this shows that you are missing someone from your past.

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Dreaming about being wealthy: this shows that you are positive in life. This also means you will do amazing in life.

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