Exclusive Interview With The Prince Of Media Kyle Anfernee

Dick Clark and Merv Griffin were two men that revolutionized the entertainment industry. These men used their brilliant minds to change the world of music, radio, and film. If you do not know who these two very influential people are, I would suggest using Google.

Kyle Anfernee is the CEO and the brains behind one of the largest media brands, The Neighborhood Talk. People get their daily dose of tea with The Neighborhood Talk, but do you really know the brains behind the global platform? Kyle Anfernee is the voice of the culture that this generation needs. This generation tends to get lost with social media, today’s trends, and anything outrageous. This generation truly needs holy water.

You might be wondering why I mentioned Dick Clark and Merv Griffin. Kyle Anfernee is truly a media mogul. His brand reminds me of the original media moguls Griffin and Clark so much. Kyle Anfernee’s energy is radiant, his talent is out of this world, and he is going to leave his mark in today’s world. In most of my interviews, I give most my guests a nickname. I would call Anfernee “The Prince Of Media.” I like to give people their credit when it is due, and Kyle Anfernee truly worked hard to get where he is at. Being the CEO of one of the fastest growing media sites can be hard, but Anfernee is proving that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Image result for kyle anfernee
Image result for kyle anfernee

Anfernee is The Prince Of Media that is changing the world of media. Watch out world because The Prince Of Media is coming to make his mark. Kyle Anfernee discussed his growth, journey, village, and his future with ameenhalee.com.

1.) The Neighborhood Talk is becoming one of the biggest  media sites. How does it feel to see your brand growing it’s audience everyday ? 

Seeing my brand grow makes me feel happy. I thank God everyday that I’m able to do what I love and I’m glad that people enjoy the content. It’s a nerve racking experience but I tell myself to enjoy every moment of it.

2.) What was your passion to start the Neighborhood Talk ? 

I came from a previous blog and it just really opened my eyes to a new booming market. I wanted people to come to a place where they could feel like there in a neighborhood community where they can express their opinions freely without being judged. I wanted it to be like an actual neighborhood just on Instagram. 

Kyle Anferenee is a person that can be a inspiration for the younger generation. Kyle is proving that no matter your past, there is always a positive outcome.

3.) How would you describe yourself in three words ? 

Driven, Reliable, Persistent 

4.) How is The Neighborhood Talk different from other media outlets ? 

I would say our outlet is different from others because we put our personality into everything we do. When I was in college we had to follow certain guidelines  and couldn’t put our opinions in pieces. I stress for my writers to get creative with their articles and write it as if their talking to their friends. We also engage with our followers in our comments. We make everyone feel included. When you come to our page you know you’re in for a treat.

It is important to always stand out from others, especially if you want to be in the entertainment industry. I personally love The Neighborhood Talk because Kyle engages with his followers. Kyle will truly make you feel included while you are in the neighborhood.

5.) Aside from The Neighborhood Talk, you have appeared on numerous global TV shows. Where do you see yourself as the brand you are in three years ? 

In three years I see The Neighborhood Talk as a potential talk show on a major streaming service. We’re in the digital age so I want people to be able to watch us on the go from wherever they are. 

6.) You always need a village to help support and uplift you. Who are the people in your village that inspire you to get up every morning and work hard ? 

What’s amazing about the people that work for me is that they are all volunteers. This is a startup company so I had a lot of people wanting to help and I stressed to them that at the moment it’s not paid because it’s so new but people still wanted to be apart of the team.

I have two college interns, DeAsia and Anglie, and they write three articles on their shifts and that’s about it. They love the page so much that they both exceed the three article minimum and also send funny memes and videos for engagement.

My sister helps me post on the page. Majority of the content is posted from us.

I have my two friends NuNu and Keith who also help out on their free time and I’m forever grateful for them.

They all motivate me to get up and to keep going and I make sure I tell them that this page is as much as theirs as it is mines. We all put in the work and I will forever be grateful for them. I want them to grow and to use the platform to their advantage. 

I also want to note that everyone pretty much works whenever they want, except for the interns because they need college credit

*For your information, Kyle’s sister is amazing! Kyle and his sister are the dream team!*

Make sure to follow Kyle Anfernee and support The Neighborhood Talk!


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