‘Grown-ish’ Season 2 Summer Premiere Review: Is It Worth Watching ?

If you did not know, Grown-ish is the spin off show from the ABC hit series Black-ish. Even though Grown-ish dosen’t get half the viewers that Black-ish gets, it is still a very great show. Grown-ish airs on the network Freeform.

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Grown-ish is based about the Johnson family’s oldest daughter Zoey. Zoey leaves her family nest to attend college at Cal U. Grown-ish explores the real life challenges that Zoey will experience in college. During college, Zoey will experience love, heartbreak, and new friendships.

The season two summer premiere of Grown-ish aired on Wednesday, June 5. The summer premiere episode started off with major drama. Zoey (Yara Shahidi) finds out that her friend Ana(Francia Raisa) is secretly dating her “ex” Aaron(Trevor Jackson). I put quotes around the word ex because Zoey and Aaaron never dated.

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In season one of Grown-ish, Zoey was stuck in a love triangle between Aaron, Luka(Luka Sabbat), and Cash(Da’Vinchi). Zoey had to choose one guy out of the three to be her boyfriend. In the end, Zoey will later choose Luka.

In my opinion, I do not appreciate Zoey getting mad at Ana for dating Aaron. They never dated in the first place. I get the rule of friends not supposed to be dating their exes, but Zoey and Aaron were never together. The only thing that Aaron and Zoey did was express their feelings for each other and kiss in season one.

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I would say that Grown-ish a show that all teenagers need to watch. I would rate the show an 100%. Make sure to watch Grown-ish each Wednesday this summer at 8 P.M.


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