Interview With Emmanuella Alausa: A Teenage Author With A Majestic Prose

It is rare to find young authors who use their talents to focus on today’s current events. I had the pleasure to interview Emmanuella Alausa. She is a young bright spirit with the gift of writing. Her book, “#It’sAPandemic” focuses on Covid-19. In this interview, Alausa discusses her inspirations, fun facts about herself, and the importance of being a young author.

Ameenha Lee: I received a copy of your book, and I absolutely loved it. What was your inspiration for your book “#ItsAPandemic?”

Emmanuella Alausa: My Inspiration behind my book “# It’sAPandemic” was to , above all , give people hope and faith. When the lockdown hit us I didn’t fully comprehend the impact it would make not only in my life but everyone around me. With the motivation of my mother,  I decided to write a summary of key days of my lockdown ,(well the first lockdown). As I continued to write the book I knew I did not want it to be a simple diary or journal which is why my uniqueness of adding poem , tips, pictures , thoughts and opinions makes it different . In addition,  all of these mind changing and world changing topics finally came into progress which gave me more courage and motivation to write. I know we can spread love faster than the virus. 

Ameenha Lee: You are a very young author, and I feel like that is amazing. What was your inspiration for writing your book?

Emmanuella Alausa: As I previously mentioned, the cause to write the book was the fact that we were and still are in a pandemic. During the first Lockdown I had left school early by a couple of days and each day began to feel repetitive and meaningless. There was nothing to look forward to or to have hope in especially with the uncertainty of it all. After some time I’ve began to write . A few months prior to that I had just finished the book ‘Becoming’ by Mrs Michelle Obama and her sense of vulnerability and truly telling a story in her style of writing expanded my creativity to be very open about my experience of Lockdown as a young person. Included is even some past experiences that made me reflect on who I am today. If I’m being totally honest I did not fully understand that so suddenly my daily routine,  which by the way I was still trying to be on top of , could be something I wish I appreciated more . However, clinging onto my Faith in Christ like never before gave me motivation and zeal and courage and strength to see each day as an opportunity for greatness; something good can be produced out of what most saw as bad. The unusual peace and comfort I was feeling made  me so joyful I knew I had to spread the positivity around. 

Ameenha Lee: With your book, ” #It’sAPandemic,” you touch on many important subjects. Why did you feel that it was important to write a novel focusing on today’s current events.

Emmanuella Alausa: I knew it was so vital to write about relevant topics and events , why? … because we are living through it. We are living through the discrimination , the injustice , the fear ,  the anger ,the value of honesty, even in people in higher authority and also for the future generation. Although my book is and has been read by all ages , on of the key focus is for people my age (between 13 -18 ) because we have come to an understanding or we are coming to an understanding of who we are and the change we can make , so if people as young as 13 to 18 start to make an impact now it impacts our future , for the better. I appreciate how you say the word novel because it is not only my experience but also a lesson. There’s so many things we want to change in life but we can’t do it alone and we need to have passion for it to produce the most efficient outcome. One out of the many topics discussed in my book is about police brutality. To this day and for the rest of my life I will never fathom how someone can be killed let alone mistreated because of a beautiful thing like the colour of their skin. As mentioned in my book my family and I experienced loss our in the family during  the first Lockdown , that shocked us all . At times it felt like problems upon problems upon problems was piling up but the resolution wasn’t as quick. An anchor to all the chaos is my faith , a very important topic I write about as well  . How my faith in God how it developed and grew during the pandemic. Knowing that I had a friend being a listening ear and a sign of hope in such hard times helped me to persevere and gain strength ( and a sleeping pattern we are working on , sigh.) Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. 

Ameenha Lee: Who are some of your aspirations and/or inspirations in your life?

Emmanuella Alausa: As cliche and not forgetting as cheesy as it may sound one of my inspiration in life is my family. My mother , a single mother of four amazing girls , periodttt, a dog and many children who she helps with her charity all over the World . My sisters are entrepreneurs each in their own right and confidence, which is a humbling experience. 

Nevertheless , Mrs Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are two inspirations that I not only look up to but strive to implement their wisdom in my creativity, innovations and hopefully every day life. Mrs Michelle Obama has such a friendly and teachable ora, during the pandemic I watched many videos of her to learn from. Including her renounce phrase “when they go low we go high “. Oprah Winfrey also gave me encouragement to proceed my GOD-given talent In talking , by starting ‘Talk it through’ . This will be a welcoming and cosy platform where I interview and also are interviewed by people of all ages about the tabu topics , funny etc. One of my many aspirations but most importantly my utmost main aspiration is to excute GOD’S purpose/vision for my life so I can help and people for my talent as possible, that may include not compromising. 

Ameenha Lee: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Emmanuella Alausa: In the future I am hopeful to see myself doing the thing I love most which is helping others. When often asked , what would you like to be when you grow up I never limit myself to one option or career because I know I’m part of something way bigger. I love to spread positivity , hope,  joy and by God’s Grace I will have an organisation that specialises for children who are less privileged , who have been abused and miss-used. I feel that it will be specialised for girls so I’m able to relate with them. Although I know that most boys find it hard to speak about their feelings , they are just as important, so I would love to team up with like-minded motivated people to be able to do the same for them. In addition I love children and the unity of a family . Not getting ahead of myself here, I aim to graduate from university , potentially pursuing my Masters degree also travelling places and spreading love in what I do . Above all I want my future and I hope my future will be impactful .I want to make an impact and I will make an impact not just when I’m alive but after I have left this World. 

Ameenha Lee: What are some fun facts about yourself that people may not know about you?

Emmanuella Alausa: Fun facts people may or may not know about me is that I am an author of two books actually. My first one titled “My Prayer Shawl’ ; I wrote that at the age of 13 and my latest book “#It’saPandemic”. With my latest book I created the idea of the cover and you can check out that video on my Instagram (@ theellls) and my lovely graphic designer. Mr Kevin Moël brought it to life . Chinyere and Timi played an important role in doing the designers for inside the book too . Another fun fact is that my family and I minister in Churches , elderly homes and parties. Also I am a very over the top person so when it comes to things like my birthday I make sure I enjoy to the fullest even if that means my account balance isn’t, no I’m kidding. I do love to have a good time though explore different adventures while exploring nature. Oh my days real quick, one thing I always tell my friends is that I will be so excited when I stay in a cabin for vacation, surrounded by snow and mountains and hot chocolate ;hopefully in the near future.

Ameenha Lee: How do you plan to use your audience to spread positive vibrations?

Emmanuella Alausa: I plan to use my audience for good by letting them know that there is hope in situations where it feels like there is no hope and that there is hope in the darkness. In particularly as a young person and young black girl expressing your emotions or expressing them too much can be seen as dramatic. I would love to be involved in countermanding that myth and creating a strong sisterhood , brotherhood , family hood , a community. I believe when we come together to share common experiences and the ones that are each and everyone of us can help . But most importantly spreading love and hope. 

In conclusion I want to say thank you to GOD. I’m not sure where I would be if not. And thank you to my family and all the people who helped in the progression of my book. Thank you Amy and Maelle . Sales are now on so you can get your book from Amazon , Apple books, BarnesAndNoble ,Waterstones My website ,kindle edition , Google play books, Kobo , booktopia, chapters,indigo and Author House.

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