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Kanye West Accuses Ariana Grande of Using His Feud with Drake to Promote Her New Song

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Kanye West has been using Twitter to rant all about his emotions and problems in life. Kanye West discussed many topics on Twitter. One of the main is his feud with Drake. Ariana Grande wasn’t here for “grown men arguing online”. Ariana Grande tweeted to Kanye saying this..

Kanye West didn’t really take Ariana Grande’s response to heart.

Many people have also accused Grande for using Mac Millers death to promote her music as well. Ariana Grande replied back to Kanye West in a classy manner stating,  “with all due respect, i don’t need to use anyone to promote anything. period. i was making a comment ab what men were doing at the time vs. women. it was a joke which i understand now was probably insensitive. i apologize if i was in any way triggering and hope u feel well today.”
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