Interview with the Innovative Anthony Buck

On April 28th, I interviewed the innovative Anthony Buck. Anthony Buck is a father, entrepreneur, and aesthetic specialist. AB has the initiative to be the first person in Williamsburg to make a change, & give opportunities to others in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in health, fashion, art, and music. Read my article below to learn about AB,                  Technique 2 Training, his clothing brands, and his own personal lifestyle.

Technique 2 Training is one of Williamsburg’s newest revolutionary gyms. Everyone can train at Technique 2 Training.

What is Technique 2 Training slogan?

Technique 2 Training is the name of our Training Facility that my mentor/stepfather had came up with after training in Thailand as a Monk. We have a slogan we use stating when “You Sweat, You Get”! Thats pretty much self explanatory. Technique 2 Training has an objective to bring all cultures together, & make everyone feel better, & perform better.

What more can you tell me about Technique 2 Training?

Here at T2T we do unconventional training. T2T trains the mind and simultaneously builds the body. It’s structured & design to increase your strength and build your endurance, mobility, flexibility and stability. We designed our facility to make you want to work out. As soon as you step into our home, the way its Led lightning is set up, it makes a person want to put in work. We are a family oriented facility, with elite equipment, & a vip skybox for dog lovers to leave their pet at while working out. Our family likes to lead by example, so we train with all our clients in all ages, levels, and in most sports like boxing, basketball, & baseball to name a few. T2T is also very organized, clean, and disciplined compared to other gyms.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Mannn, there’s so many. Ofcourse my family, but Manoj Bhargava who is the founder of 5-hour-energy drink, & also started this company called Billions In Change, which brings inventions to cultures in need throughout the world, to provide electricity, water, & healthcare.

Mark Cuban, i like how gritty he is, & he started from nothing.

Elon Musk, i like his vision on trying to make travel transportation faster.

J, Hov, aka Sean Carter, inspires all of us. I use to like Nas more when i was younger,  but Jay z grew upon me. He has his hands on everything, he’s a hustler, & he’s from Brooklyn.

What else can you tell me about yourself?

I have a problem with the word “can’t”. I try to to keep that word out of anyone’s vocabulary that is around me. There is no such thing as can’t. We CAN be anything we want to be or we CAN do anything we want to do, if we have the discipline to make it happen. I love helping the youth. I believe if we show them right, they will do right. I love helping people in general. I try to keep it 100 with everyone, & believe everyone should to. That’s why i run with AB. Keep it A/Buck/ & Always Brooklyn. etc. A.B. is also my first two initials.

I heard you have two clothing lines, can you tell me more about them? 

AB is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn made, modern streetwear existence. Founded by me in 2013, I always preferred “quality, or nothing”. Till this day, i like innovating with prime fabrics, exotics, & hardware, while trying to stay conservative, & real about where our garments are being hand made/manufactured in Brooklyn….
You can check our website out or instagram since its more active @abklyn
Our second upcoming clothing line me, & my partners will be coming out with is called Julez by Daniel Smith. This is our main focus right now. The name comes from my good friend, or i should say more like my brother’s son. We will be releasing a collection hopefully the ending of this year.
Do you have any other plans for AB Made In Brooklyn? 
Yes, i will be releasing a collection, that has to do with my two German Shepherd Dogs in the future. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In the next ten years, I see us opening up more T2T Training Facility franchises. I also see ourselves incorporating health & fitness, & clothing boutiques together so the consumer doesn’t have to go shopping anywhere else. I see ourselves collaborating with bigger brands, & being up there with brands such as, MasterMind, Bape, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Just Don, Offwhite.


I want to give recognition to my partners who were unable to be here at this time, & Thank You Ameenha for taking the time to meet me, & getting to know our lifestyles.

Deshawn Febres @namel3ss_faceL3ss

Daniel Julez Smith @danielJsmith713

Anthony Buck as a child

Technique 2 Training facility


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I am turning fifteen on October 26th, I am super excited. I decided that I want to share fifteen lessons I have learned during my tween years.

  1. Always be respectful
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  3. Work hard and your work will definitely pay off
  4. Always learn to love yourself
  5. Confidence is key every single day
  6. Walk every day on this earth happy not sad
  7. If you do not have any haters you not popping(hehe)
  8. Keep friends around you with the same mindset as you
  9. Always aim high in life, never low
  10. Being conceded is not so bad after all
  11. If you want to learn how to contour, Youtube is the way to go
  12. Halloween and Christmas are the best holidays
  13. Learning from your mistakes are key
  14. Being tall is not so bad
  15. Lastly, procrastination gets you nowhere.

Sweet 16 Themes

A sweet sixteen is a celebration I love for all girls. I have always wanted a sweet sixteen, ever since I was little. But, picking a theme can be quite hard. I am here to help you. I am going to list and show pictures of different themes your sweet sixteen can be!

1. Masquerade theme

essie 2

2. Cinderella theme

essie 2

3. Sleeping Beauty theme

essie 2

4. Wild safari theme

essie 2

5. Tropical theme

essie 2

6. Winter wonderland theme

essie 2

7. 80s theme

essie 2

8. Alice in Wonderland theme

essie 2
essie 2

9. Paris theme

essie 2


During some  teen years, braces and/or invisalign are involved. Both of these treatments definitely help a lot with whatever condition your teeth are in. It is definitely a hard choice for people to chose if they want braces or invisalign. I am going to help you with that. Below are facts about invisalign and braces. Enjoy!


You can eat whatever you want
Clear aligners virtually invisible
Aligners removable for easy cleaning
You will not have to worry about brackets and wires scratching your mouth and gums

Requires brackets and wires
Many food restrictions
Wires poke and irritate the mouth

image 22

Apple has been one of the top iphone industries in the world. Apple has recently released news about Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone X and the iPhone eight. The iPhone X will be available in November. The iPhone eight will be available September twenty second. But, these two iPhones has major differences. Also, some similarities.


  • The iPhone X has  a new feature, facial recognition. The iPhone eight does not.
  • The iPhone eight has a home button. Surprisingly, the iPhone X does not. I have no idea what made the creators of the iPhone X decide to do this.
  • The iPhone X is way too expensive. The iPhone X starts at $999.00. I can get so many Chick Fil A waffle fries with that. The iPhone eight starts at $699.00.

There are also many similarities between these two phones.

  • The picture quality has upgraded to a whole new level. Canon camera who?
  • Both iPhones are made out of glass. Once anyone gets any one of these phones, they are definitely going to need a case.
  • Both iPhones are water and dust resistant.


Whiffer Sniffers are scented clips, scented huggables, and scratch ‘n sniff stickers. I have a total of over five Whiffer Sniffers from series five that smell totally amazing. I also have two rare Whiffer Sniffer backpack clips.  My favorite scented clips from Whiffer Sniffers are  Birthday Cake Jake backpack clip and the Halo O. Ween backpack clip. Each characters scents matches their appearance. The strawberry Whiffer Sniffer smells like strawberries. The s’mores Whiffer Sniffer smells like s’mores. The birthday cake Whiffer Sniffers smells like birthday cake. The Hal O. Ween backpack clip is my favorite because I love Halloween. Also, the backpack clip smells just like pumpkins.  Whiffer Sniffers was built by talented artists who were brought in to help create artwork to compliment the characters and their personalities. Collecting Whiffer Sniffers are very easy!  Whiffer Sniffers are sold in stores. Also, you can shop Whiffer Sniffers online on     

Whiffer Sniffer also offers craftables, coloring pages, and a collectors list.

On you can play cool games such as Chilly Pepper’s snowball fight. Also, you can watch cool videos about Whiffer Sniffers.

To shop Whiffer Sniffers :

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It is back to school season(*sigh). But, as you blogger godmother, I will give you apps that helped me survive high school, and made school much easier for me.

1.) Photomath

If you need help solving math equations, this app is truly a gift from heaven. This app solves your math equations. How? All you have to do is take a picture of a math equation you need help with, then your equation is solved. This app is one of my favorites on the list.

2.) Quizlet

Whenever I needed help finding a study guide for a class, quizlet has always helped me. On the quizlet app you can also make your own flashcards.


A Day at Blogger Bash NYC


Blogger Bash is an two day event that enables influencers to attend a variety of events in New York City at the same time. Influencers can interact and network with brands and other influencers. There is so many events going on during Blogger Bash, For example, CE Week, The Sweet Suite, The Toy Association lunch, and more. I attended Blogger Bash for the first day. I interacted with brands and other influencers. Blogger Bash was held at pier sixty at Chelsea Piers. The first event on the first day of Blogger Bash was the Amitron breakfast. Armitron is the world’s top leading watch company. At the Amitron breakfast, the top influencers were on a panel. During the panel I learned a lot. After the Amitron breakfast was Babypalooza. Babypalooza introduces you to the top must have baby products. Brands at babypalooza were Raising Ace, Zulily, Tickle Water, and many more brands. I enjoyed Babypalooza very much ! The picture above is a picture I took at the Zulily photo booth. The Zulily photo booth was so much fun and creative. The Zulily staff blew bubbles while you were taking pictures. So totally one of my best Instagram worthy pictures. After Babypalooza you went to Ce Week or The Toy Association lunch. I chose to go to the Toy Association Lunch. At that lunch you met the staff of The Toy Association team. I had some amazing food also. I learned how toys have to go through test to see if they are safe. Did you know toys are one of the safest items in your home? The last event I attended of day one at Blogger Bash was the Sweet Suite. The BEST event of the whole entire day. There was so much food and many toy companies. Including Nickelodeon. Splashlings, Slither O, Intex, Flip A Zoos, and so much more. Sadly,the day ended at Blogger Bash. Blogger Bash is definitely an even all influencers need to go to. If my article was not convincing, then I do not know what will convince you. Days after Blogger Bash, you get a sweet suite package delivered to your house. The sweet suite package is filled with so many toys. I really thought Christmas was delivered early. Blogger Bash is definitely an event I will attend every year. For more about Blogger Bash:

About Us

My Back to School Supplies List

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you are most likely thinking “Why are you writing this article so early.” I am enjoying my summer, but I do have a tendency to watch back to school videos during the summer. Oh whale 🙂 (I spelt it wrong I know). I am going into the tenth grade. I do like to have the best and most colorful supplies for school also. This list will be very useful for all grades. You will not need all of these items.

  •     Three inch binder
  •      One inch binder
  •       College ruled paper
  •       One notebook or more
  •       Markers
  •      Erasers
  •       Highlighters
  •       Pens (colorful pens, red pens, black pens, and blue pens)
  •        Pencils (led and wood)
  •        Post its
  •        Back pack

My Natural Hair Routine


If you have seen me or know me, I have so many different hair styles. Buns, braids, curly hair, straight hair, and etc. The list goes on.  My hair is thick and curly. I do need a hair routine to keep my hair healthy. Note that I do not do my hair. Now it is the summer, the sun can damage the hair. To fix that you can wear braids. Or, use my mom’s special conditioner that keeps my hair healthy.

My mom puts together many different conditioners for diffrent things. For example, shine, moisture, and growth. My mom uses different oils in her conditioners. Such as almond oil, rosemary oil, or moscat oil.  Next, my mom always uses a conditioner to mix all her products with. Like a Shea Moisture conditioner or a Carol’s Daughter conditioner.  You can always use mayonnaise for shine and to make your hair soft in your conditioner. But, always remember to use oil in your conditioner.


I have been to many countries and cities during my life. Here are some places I am would love to visit.

1.) Paris

2.) Egypt

3.) Democratic Republic of the Congo

4.) Spain

5.) Barbados


My Workout Routine

Summer is coming in less than a month. Many girls definitely want to achieve that great summer body. To achieve your ideal shape, do not care about  how other girls bodies look. It is your body, there is no perfect shape. As long as you feel confident, that is what is important. Also, do not care about the scale. Weight can effect a persons mind in a good or bad way. Just find the motivation to drive you to get that awesome summer body. 🙂 As a model, I want to stay fit. I workout at home for most days of the week. My workout routine consists of..

20 push ups

50 sit ups

40 calf raises

10 mountain climbers

20 arm circles

40 lunges

40 pile squats

15 jumping jacks

10 dead lifts

20 high knees

20 leg raises

15 chair dips

Note: You do not have to follow this exact routine. Working out has many pros. Such as, building and maintaining healthy bones and joints. Second, improves mental activity. Third, working out helps you sleep better. Lastly, working out prevents high blood pressure.

13 Reasons Why is the top show of 2017. 13 Reasons Why is streamed on Netflix.The best news was just released recently. This amazing show has been renewed for a second season. 13 reasons Why is definitely a show that needs to be watched. Since season one is finished, many questions have been asked. What is season two going to be about?  The biggest question of all, Is Hannah still alive? In my opinion, I believe so. One fun fact about the show is, Selena Gomez was supposed to be Hannah Baker. Selena Gomez is actually is the executive producer of 13 Reasons Why.