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Lori Harvey’s 1 Step Dark Spot Mask: Is It Worth the Hype?

Lori Harvey’s skin is always glowing. Even though she is the founder of her own skincare brand, SKN, she showed Tiktok her go-to beauty mask for hyperpigmentation. As it being her own “magic eraser,” is this mask really worth the hype?

This one step mask requires plain yogurt. This easy DIY mask has been common for many years within various ethnic backgrounds. It is key to only use plain yogurt apart of your beauty routine. Why would you want to use Go-Gurt on your face?

The Benefits of Plain Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid which is great for gently exfoliating the skin. While being a multi-vitamin powerhouse, you can expect glowing skin instantly. Who said you needed to spend hundreds of dollars for perfect skin?

*Use this mask for 15-30 minutes.*

  1. Moisturizes the skin
  2. Gives skin an instant glow
  3. A gentle exfoliator
  4. Perfect for acne/dark spots

How to Add Your Own Twist to This Mask

You can take this face mask further by adding turmeric or honey. I have discussed the pros of these heaven sent ingredients on already, so make sure you check that out. You can combine honey and turmeric to give skin an added glow. Turmeric is known to give skin a glow and fights acne. Additionally, honey moisturizes skin with a delicious scent. Make sure to try not to lick your face.

Is This Mask Worth the Hype?

Yes it is! With the face mask costing under $5, its cost effective and its great for your own spa day. So do not be afraid to walk around your house looking like Casper, your face will be glowing after use.

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