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Social Media Tips for Teenagers

Social media is a global platform that has taken over the world by storm in less than a decade. Examples of social media include Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr. Many teenagers love to engage on social media with their friends. On the other hand, social media can be a harmful environment for a teenager. Young peers can get influenced by the good and bad things they see on social media platforms. I have listed social media tips that will help guide a teenager to use social media the right way.

  1. Passwords are key

Every time a teenager signs up for a social media account, it is necessary for them to have a password. It is important to always keep passwords to yourself. Teenagers tend to share passwords with their friends for numerous reasons. Whenever a teenager shares their password, it is important for them to change it instantly. I have heard of many instances where peers get mad at their friends and hack into their social media. Then, a teenager’s password and social media account will be totally altered. It is important to change passwords at least once a year.

2. Be careful of what you post online

What you post online will stay online forever. You might be reading this wondering what about Snapchat? A Snapchat story might disappear in 24 hours, but it will be forever backed up in a database. Also, many teenagers tend to screenshot and save many of their peers’ posts on social media. Teenagers should also post appropriately on social media. Many schools tend to see what teenagers post online, even if their page is private. No twerking videos, nudes or cursing content should be posted online. Videos can arise out of the blue and change the future of a teenager in a bad way.

3. Know your followers

There are hundreds of millions of accounts on each social media platform. This can be harmful to a teenager. If a teenager has a private page, they should never have anyone they do not know on their page. Many teenagers tend to accept anyone on their page to follow them to grow their following. Many young people are dying and going missing due to meeting up with their social media “friends”. A person can have a fake persona on social media. It also doesn’t matter if one of your friends follows a random person on social media. If you do not know a person, they should not be on your social media page.

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