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The Black Hair Experience Interview: A Magical Insta-Worthy Playground

Black hair is universal, and the beholder of their natural crown should never be ashamed of their magic. The Black Hair Experience, founded by Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Austin-Davis, is a pop up experience that will have an impact on the culture. Black hair may be deemed as unprofessional in certain spaces, Brooks and Austin-Davis want visitors to feel celebrated once they visit TBHE.

The exhibit includes inspiring affirmations, content galore moments, photos of influential black women, and interactive installations. The Black Hair Experience stands out from other “pop-ups” because of the love visitors encounter. While getting your tickets at the front entrance, the staff of TBHE are full of light and kindness.

The HBCU room presented by Wakati Hair

So many young girls and even women feel self conscious about their hair, but The Black Hair Experience teaches black women that natural hair is their crown. Whether its braids, wigs, or curly hair, women should always love their beautiful hair. I had the pleasure to interview the founders of the Black Hair Experience about entrepreneurship, the importance of sister hood, and the growth of The Black Hair Experience.

Before the interview starts, would you ladies mind introducing yourself to the readers? 

Hello, we are Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Austin-Davis and we are both the creators and owners of The Black Hair Experience.

The Black Hair Experience is an experience that can be taken globally. Before the amazing idea came into place, how did two women decide to put this together?

Alisha – We have been friends for about 15 years and a couple of years ago we met up at a conference where Elizabeth had shared that she wanted to pursue a photography passion project where she wanted to document Black women’s journey and stories of their hair through photos.  I (Alisha) being a visual/graphic designer suggested we take those experiences and turn them into an interactive exhibit and this is how The Black Hair Experience was created.

The natural hair industry is one of the most in demand markets. Why did you ladies decide to incorporate “black hair” with a pop up feel?

Elizabeth – Black women, our hair, and our experiences are so unique.  We really felt like there needed to be a space created to celebrate our journey and our experience and we couldn’t think of a better of a better way to do that than to create a photo sharing exhibit.

It is incredible to see two women working together to make greatness. What are some tips that you have for other women entrepreneurs looking to get into business partnerships?

Alisha – The biggest tip we can give is to be sure to keep the lines of communication open and make room to uplift each other. Playing off of each other’s strengths and knowing when it’s our time to fall back has been essential to our success.

The Black Hair Experience has taken place in Atlanta and now the DMV, where do you see it going next?

Elizabeth – The world of course!  But on a serious note we want to see TBHE everywhere and while we haven’t quite announced our next location yet, be sure to sign up for our email list through our website ( to be notified when we make the location drop announcement.

While at the Black Hair Experience, it was so amazing to see black women of all backgrounds come together under one roof. Why is the Black Hair Experience important to go to?

Alisha – TBHE is important to go to because it was a space created for you. Most importantly, representation matters.  Our stories, moments, and hair should be celebrated.  Regardless of how you choose to wear your hair we want you to know it is beautiful, you are beautiful and we want to spread this message everywhere.

Ameenha Lee and Alisha Brooks(Co-founder of The Black Hair Experience)

Before The Black Hair Experience takes their influence to more locations, you can currently visit their DMV location. Located at 151St George Oxon Hill, the experience is starts at $32.00 and $52.00 for VIP admission.

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