The Future of Beauty: The Timeline of Beauty ft Madison @redlilmissy

The standards of beauty goes all the way back to the beginning of human history. Over the years, the standards of beauty have changed drastically. In our society now, youth and beauty is mostly worshiped. The shift has most definitely changed throughout the years.

Timeline of beauty throughout the centuries

Have you ever heard of the phrase “the older the wiser?” The phrase would apply to the older women in tribal societies. These women were looked at as a source of wisdom.

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Ancient Egypt- The Egyptians were known for their eyeliner and braided wigs. The Egyptian women would shave their heads and wear wigs to prevent diseases. Men and women both wore eyeliner, which they believed gave them protection from the gods Horus and Ra.

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The Renaissance– The women during the Renaissance loved having their very light. The term “blondes have more fun” might as well be dedicated to the Renaissance age. Also, pale skin was a desirable trait during this age.

Renaissance Italy: High Foreheads And Strawberry Blonde Hair
Wikimedia Commons

Victorian Era– A women’s beauty regime during the Victorian Era was just deadly. Women would apply mercury to their eyelashes and ammonia to their faces. Women would apply face paint to their skin for a very white and pale look. Also, bright colors were considered trashy.

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The Roaring 20’s– The finger wave was a very big trend during the 20’s. Bold makeup started to get more frequently used during this decade. Pale skin was still a desire during this decade. Thin eyebrows were starting to become desirable for a dramatic look.

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The 50’s– After World War II, women decided to dress more feminine again. Women were told to have a husband and start the picture perfect family. The 50’s was the decade of the pin up. Also, women would start wearing clothes to achieve a slim waist and big bust look.

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The 60’s– The 60’s brought us Twiggy (aka one of my favorite supermodels of all time) who will change the standards of beauty. The 60’s was all about big false lashes, bold eyeliner, and lighter lips.

Twiggy, by Barry Lategan, 1966 - NPG x133189 - © Barry Lategan

Barry Lategan

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The 70’s– During the 70’s, women started to abandon their traditional role as a sexual object. Women wanted to be treated equally just like men. A natural look for women started to become more popular during the 70’s. Women of all ethnicities wore their long natural hair. The afro remained popular for both women and men.

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The 80’s– The 80’s was about everything big. Big hair and fuller eyebrows came into full effect in the 80’s. Brooke Shields was the 80’s super model who had the picture perfect thick eyebrows. Sculpted cheekbones also became a desire during the 80’s.

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Teen Beat

The 90’s– Having crimped hair was a popular look during the 1990’s. Also, the bigger the hair was better during the 90’s as well. Just like the other decades before, eyeliner was a desirable makeup trend.

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Movie: Poison Ivy

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Jeff Kravitz
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Info Bae

Now what are the beauty standards now? Beauty is also changing throughout the decades. We must ask ourselves is beauty limited due to our age? Beauty is not a certain look. It is all about who you are on the inside. You must love your uniqueness and differences from everyone you see in the world. You might wonder why did I just read a timeline of beauty? It is important to know that beauty is forever is changing, but it should never be limited to how young or old you are. We never discuss about the young children who love everything beauty and natural hair. Young girls love experimenting with makeup from their moms makeup bag. Parents often tell their children to stop playing with makeup instead of letting their child express their creativity. Limitation of creativity will prevent the future innovators and artists rising in the future.We must never discriminate beauty standards against anyone in the world.

We must always know that the future of beauty is for everyone of all ages, especially the young girls in today’s world.

Picture below is Madison (@redlilmissy), the future of beauty!

Picture: Smiley Kids Photo



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