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Tips That Every Undergraduate College Student Needs to Know

Over 20 million students attend college in the United States, and they devote their time to receive higher education and job opportunities. When it comes to college, it may seem that students are deserted on their own. Financial aid, scholarships, choosing classes, and networking can be hard for a student to maneuver. Many college students tend to make mistakes during their undergraduate year, and that is completely fine. In this article, I list tips that every college student needs to know. College students are paying for their education, and Ameenha Lee is going to put you readers onto some legendary tips.

1. Contact the Financial Aid Office Regarding Scholarships and Additional Funding

Think of the financial aid office as your best friend. You need to take advantage of every single opportunity your financial aid office has. Many college students miss out on opportunities due to not checking their email. This information includes additional funding, scholarships, and so much more. Your college aid office will always send emails regarding funding with deadlines. If you miss these deadlines, this is not a good start to your Fall and/or Winter semester. Also, there is nothing wrong with calling and emailing the financial aid office directly.

2. Take Additional Classes

You might have read this title and automatically got startled. Taking additional courses, beyond the traditional four, is beneficial in so many ways. First, adding more courses to your schedule solidifies one to graduate on time and/or earlier. Two, it gives a student the opportunity to take majority of their required courses in one semester. Three, adding additional courses under your belt can allow you to have more freedom your last year. If you do not want to take additional credits during the Fall and/or Spring semester, consider taking a course or two during the Summer or Winter. This is an amazing option for a person who wants to boost their GPA and graduate on time. On the other hand, avoid this tip if you feel overwhelmed by a packed schedule.

3. Do Not Let Your Grades Define You

We all have our bad and good days in college. Some classes will mentally challenge you to the point where you might have a mental breakdown. Always know that your grades are not your enemy. You are the one getting up, working hard, and striving to make your future great. One class with a D grade does not mean that you are unintelligent. Not every class you take in college is going to be easy or hard. One setback does not mean that is your fate.

4. Prioritize Your Mental Health

Mental health is key in every environment. College can be hectic with grades, personal life, commuting, making friends, and just being a student overall. Do not burn yourself out trying to be perfect. This includes taking additional classes, going out of your comfort zone, or stressing about grades. College students all deserve the choice to put their mental health first.

5. Do Not Skip Classes

This rule deserves no explanation nor needs one. You will be at fault for missing classes, and professors are not high school teachers. No exceptions are allowed in college, and you will be wasting your money skipping class.

6. Withdrawing a Class is Better Than Failing

I have been at a point where I had to withdraw a class after the add/drop period. Withdrawing a class is on your record, but use this tool when needed. If you know that you will fail a class, withdraw from it automatically. Withdrawing from a class does not effect your GPA, but failing a course has major consequences. Failing can result in receiving less aid, a lower chance at scholarships, and it sets back from graduation. Do not withdraw classes every single semester only when needed. Pay attention to the add/drop period for your college. Dropping a class during the designated time does not have any consequence on your record.

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