Tips To Banish And Control Oily Skin

With oily and acne prone skin, you are probably not a fan of your skin type. What if I told you that you can control your oily skin in a flash ?! Even though you might hate your skin type, you have to learn to embrace it.

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1. Wash your face every morning

No matter your skin type, you need to wash your face everyday. If you love to workout, your skin will get oily and build up unwanted toxins in your skin. While washing your face, avoid scrubbing your face. Scrubbing your face will just irritate your skin.

2. Apply Sunscreen Daily

Applying sunscreen daily will help prevent wrinkles and age spots. To avoid breakouts, use sunscreen with zinc oxide. Never use sunscreen that contains oils and fragrances.

3. Avoid These Products..

  • thick moisturizers
  • stick foundations
  • cream blush
  • harsh toners
  • harsh cleansers

Oily skin is prone to break outs and clogged pores. These products will just make your skin even worse.

4. Use A Foaming Cleanser

A foaming cleanser will not harm oily skin. A foaming wash will not trigger an increase of oil production in your skin.

5. Use Oil Blotting Papers

Oil blotting papers are perfect for girls who wear makeup with oily skin. You will press the oil blotting paper sheet on your skin for a few seconds. Do not rub the paper on your face at all ! Just gently press the oil blotting paper on your skin.