On My Block Review: Netflix New Coming of Age TV Show

Stranger Things, House of Cards, Fuller House, and Santa Clarita Diet are a list of Netflix shows that are very entertaining. On My Block is a new Netflix show that is going to take over all current Netflix shows (no offense Stranger Things).  On My Block is one of the most talked about shows on social media. On My Block will keep you on the edge of your seat while watching. When I was watching On My Block, I literally could not stop watching.  On My Block is a powerful show that everyone can relate to. On My Block is about a group of teens in South California that try to avoid the pressure of gang violence that is around them constantly. The characters of On My Block go through their own struggles as well.

Let me break down all the characters for you…

Ruby- Ruby is the best guy best friend you can have. Ruby is adorable, sweet, funny, and pretty talented at dancing.

Monse- Monse is a girl that looks tough on the outside, but is really fragile on the inside. Monse has a struggle of expressing her true feelings (which you will see when watching On My Block).

Jamal- Jamal is a very funny and  intelligent character. During season one, Jamal goes on an adventure to find a lost treasure. Also, Jamal is also a great friend, but do not trust him with a secret.

Cesar-Cesar is a very good looking character. Cesar gets involved with the gang at the start of high school.

Olivia- Olivia is a girl who is pretty and breaks hearts. Once she moves from her hometown, things go downhill. Lets just say I do not like her character.

Jasmine- Jasmine is a very energetic character who loves to have fun. Jasmine can be a bit annoying at times, but she is still lovable.

On My Block is a TV show that every one needs to watch now! I give On My Block a 10/10. On My Block is such an enjoyable show that everyone can enjoy.


Cardi B Announces Pregnancy Live on SNL!

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Rumors have been going around that Cardi B is pregnant for a couple of months. In one case, Cardi B denied the claim while performing at a festival in Trinidad this February. Cardi B Invasion of Privacy album released on April sixth. The Invasion of Privacy album has been getting amazing feedback from people, even celebrities. Cardi B was a special musical  guest on SNL April eighth. Cardi B wore a skin tight white dress while performing her song “Be Careful”. It was a bit strange how the camera was not focused on her stomach half of the performance. Suddenly, the camera shows Cardi B PREGNANT stomach. Lets just say that Twitter was going crazy after Cardi B performance. A video was filmed after Cardi B performance of her saying “I am free”. Cardi B will be expecting a baby with her fiancee Offset, from the rap  group Migos. Now I just want to know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.




The Fashion Play Date 

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The Fashion Play Date is an influential event powered by Industry Kids and A Royale. The Fashion Play is an experience where brands get to connect with influencers and celebrity kids. The second Fashion Play Date on December ninth was a huge success. The speakers from the second Fashion Play Date included Shay Wood from 5001 Flavors and Harlem Haberdashery. Also, Shauna from Fresh Kid Nation. Shay Wood is the one of the owners of the legendary clothing boutique Harlem Haberdashery. Harlem Haberdashery is a family run business.  Shay Wood serves the community of Harlem New York with fashion and philanthropy. Shay Wood and Guy Wood has designed for many A listers from Biggie to Jay Z through their lifestyle brand 5000 flavors. Fresh Kid Nation is a website dedicated to current children’s fashion, style trends and news about the children’s fashion industry.  Fresh Kid Nation was created when Shauna realized there is a shortage of web content that showcased  modern children’s wear or celebrated the burgeoning style of fashionable babies, toddlers, tweens and teens. Fresh Kid Nation is the go to lifestyle fashion website for kids, families, teens and etc!

The Fashion Play Date is a brunch style element. . Industry Kids and A Royale has the initiative for today’s influencers and celebrity kids to connect with other brands. Due to social media, many people do not know how to engage with others. The idea of The Fashion Play Date came about from business moguls Malika Manning and Erika DeShazo.  The amazing sponsors apart of the second Fashion Play Date included Universal Beauty, Love New Creations, Natural Bunch Kids, Townley Girl, Mdv Cupcakes, Hair Boulevard, and Pop Cake Surprises. Influencers that attended The Fashion Play Date included Ameenha Lee, Aasim Harris, Sincere from Kids Want To Know, and Gabby Tavarez.

The First Fashion Play Date included speakers Avery J Watson, Tru Inc Pr, Francis (founder of Golden Magazine), and Eddie and Carl from Mogul Media. For more about the first Fashion Play Date, head to the today’s news page.

For more information about the hosts, sponsors, and influencers click below!

Ameenha Lee:


Shay Wood:


Shauna (Fresh Kid Nation)



Universal Beauty


Mdv Cupcakes



Pop Cake Surprises


Natural Bunch Kids


Townley Girl


Love New Creations














A Day at Play Fair NYC!

by Ameenha Lee


Play Fair NY is a celebration of play and entertainment for all ages. I attended Play Fair  on November fourth and fifth. Play Fair includes displays that will make you awe, hands on exhibits, dozens of toy brands and never seen before toys. Brands at Play Fair included Nickelodeon, Spin Master, Toys “R” Us, Nerf, Hasbro, Moose Toys, Cartoon Network and Alex Toys.

I  got to vote for the toy of the year at  http://toyawards.org .I voted for the the toy of the year in different categories. From construction, dolls, toddlers, plush, preschool, creative and many more. My favorite brand at Play Fair  was Spin Master. Spin Master includes Hatchimals, Luvabella, the  Powerpuff Girls, Paw Patrol and more amazing toys. Many people  at Play Fair  got to interact and engage with the different brands at Play Fair . I got to interview brands including Spin Master, Blankie Tails and Knex. I have worked with many of the brands at Play Fair . I definitely had fun at the Nerf booth where I used the different Nerf guns to play with others. I also made slime at Maddie Rae’s slime booth. I also got to witness Maddie Rae breaking the world record for the most slime ever! Play Fair NYC is definitely a toy convention everyone should attend.

For more about Play Fair visit : http://playfairny.com

The Fashion PlayDate

by Ameenha Lee

13 reasons why

The Fashion PLay Date was a day of influence presented by Industry Kids and A.Royale on October 28th. The Fashion Play Date was a play date to bring together all key industry influencers. As we know with social media, people do not know how to engage with others. The Fashion Play Date was inspired on how to build brand awareness while connecting with other influencers. The idea of The Fashion Play Date came about from business moguls Malika Manning Marketing and Erika DeShazo. They wanted to bring together people of influence. The Fashion Play Date was hosted by Avery Watson. Avery Watson is a media specialist who has been featured in Black Enterprise. The speakers of The Fashion Play Date included Tru Inc PR, Francis(CEO and founder of Golden Magazine), and Eddie and Carl from Mogul Media. The sponsors of the gift bags included Miss Jessie’s and Townley Girl. The super fun photo booth was sponsored by NYC Photo Booth Experts. Also, the amazing photographer was Terrell Lopez. There were several key influencers that attended The Fashion Play Date. From Ameenha Lee, Aasim Harris, Donshea Hopkins, Webstar, Isaiah Whitehead and more. This event is just  the first of the mini series of The Fashion PLay Date.

The Top Halloween Movies to Watch

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  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Monster House
  • Halloweentown
  • Scream
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Carrie
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Beetlejuice
  • Halloween
  • The Adams Family
  • Warm Bodies
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Let Me In
  • The Little Vampire
  • Corpse Bride
  • Ghostbusters

L.O.L Surprise Launch Event

essie 2
Hilaria Baldwin hosts the launch of the L.O.L. Surprise! Unboxing Video Booth and L.O.L. Surprise! Pets at Toys "R" Us NYC on October 9, 2017 in New York City.

Picture source- Cindy Ord Getty Images 

Hilaria Baldwin hosts the launch of the L.O.L. Surprise! Unboxing Video Booth and L.O.L. Surprise! Pets at Toys "R" Us NYC on October 9, 2017 in New York City.

Picture source –Cindy Ord Getty Images 

L.O.L Surprise dolls are a set of dolls that come with  a surprise.  When you peel away the layers of your L.O.L Surprise doll, you will discover hidden mysteries that hint at the L.O.L doll you are going to receive. The L.O.L dolls also have different actions such as crying, peeing, and changing color. Each layer comes with a suprise, listed below. I love receiving my L.O.L Surprise dolls because first it is a surprise. Second, I love the L.O.L dolls fashion sense. The L.O.L dolls have way better fashion sense than me.

  • first layer- secret message
  • second layer- emoji stickers
  • third layer- you receive a baby bottle for your L.O.L Suprise
  • fourth
  • layer- pair of shoes
  • fifth layer- outfit
  • sixth layer- acessories
  • seventh layer- L.O.L Surprise doll

I had the pleasure to attend the L.O.L Surprise launch at Toys R Us in New York city. The event was hosted by Hilaria Baldwin. I got to see the cool unboxing video booth and the new L.O.L Surprise dolls. Celebrity appearances included Nicky Hilton and Hilaria Baldwin.

For more about L.O.L Surprise dolls:




A Day At TTPM 2017



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banner social media

  What is TTPM? TTMP stands for toys, tots, pets, and more. During TTPM influencers, bloggers, and more can connect with vendors. Vendors at TTPM were Disney, Lego, Hasbro, Mattel, Alex Toys, and many more. My favorite part at TTPM was riding the new hoverboards. I had the opportunity to ride a hoverboard that you can also ride in the grass.

  At TTPM, you get to know what are the hottest toys out at the moment. What I love about TTPM  is that all brands are not directed toward one age group. Before I felt that toys were only for little kids. At TTPM i found out there are so many toys that tweens can use that can be useful also! Also, you can learn more about baby products. This can be very useful for new moms.

  At this years TTPM, there was also a pet show. The pet show showcased dogs. TTPM is not just for toys. You learn all about pet products, , and even toys for tweens. TTPM has definitely helped me learn more about toys.


Image sources: Getty Images

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Young stars Yara Shahidi , Millie Bobby Brown, and Caleb Mclaughlin attended the Emmys. These young stars are changing Hollywood in the best way possible.

Yara Shahidi style is always amazing from head to toe. She was one of the few to not disappoint at the 2107 Emmy Awards. Yara Shahidi was dressed in a custom Prada gown. This fabulous gown featured a belt around the dress with a beige dress embroidered with green sequins. Yara Shahidi stars on Blackish. She is soon getting her own spin off show.

Millie Bobby Brown stars on the hit Show Stranger Things that airs on Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown is also the face of Calvin Klein! Millie wore a white princess like dress. Stranger Things was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

Caleb McLaughlin also stars on Stranger Things. Caleb McLaughlin has also been on many Broadway shows. Also, he has starred in the New Edition movie. He was one of the boys at the 2017 Emmys that actually wore the best outfit. His tuxedo included purple flowers with a black bow tie.

In my opinion, these young stars definitely are on top of my best dressed list at the 2017 Emmys.


Blogger’s, Books, and Cupcakes



Bloggers, Books, and Cupcakes was presented by City Doc, Industry Kids,  and Carter Magazine.  Blogger’s, Books, and Cupcakes is an event for bloggers, influencers and authors to interact and connect. Bloggers, Books, and Cupcakes featured a panel, a pop up workshop by Chermia Lucas, and more! What is a panel?  A panel is “a small group of people brought together to discuss, investigate, or decide on a particular matter, especially in the context of business or government.” The panelist of Blogger’s, Books, and Cupcakes were Swagger Daddy, Twindollicous, Tree House Books, Industry Kids, Chermia Lucas, Carter Magazine, and Friend in Your Pocket. The panelist talked about cross marketing, books, the importance of knowledge, and more. Bloggers, Books, and Cupcakes is all about learning, creating, and connecting. Several influencers and celebrity kids attended Blogger’s, Books, and Cupcakes.

144583_1660 (2)

In today’s world, it is important for girls  to love themselves, be confident, and know self importance. Curlee Girlee teaches all girls around the world this important rule. Curlee Girlee is by Atara Twersky and illustrated  by Karen Wolcott. The  illustrations in the book bring the book  to life. The illustrations stand out, compared to other books I have read.. The illustrations are colorful and amazing.

Curlee Girlee is all about Curlee Girlee, a girl with hair all curly-whirly. Curlee Girlee’s hair starts to  grow by the age of three years old. Her hair is different from others. Her hair is bouncy and flouncy. Her hair is different from her family. You can definitely say Curlee Girlee stands  out from her family. Curlee Girlee’s brother has shiny bangs. Also, her sister has long milky hair. Curlee Girlee tries everything to look like everyone else. ” Curlee Girlee got a brush and some water and tried to straighten it herself. At first it seemed straighter-but dried, it got pouffier and fouffier and messier than ever.” Curlee Girlee tries everything to look like everyone else. Pictured above is a picture from the book. Curlee Girlee mixes ingredients from her cabinet. But, it just makes her hair even more sticky. Curlee Girlee’s mom tells her that she will soon love her hair that is bouncy and flouncy. Curlee Girlee later has a dream that her hair is even longer. Curlee Girlee soon finds a picture of her Grandma Maddie who also has curly hair. She thinks her grandma is the most beautiful person in the world. Curlee Girlee learns that her curly hair is just perfect. Later, Curlee Girlee receives a younger sister, who also has curly hair. She can not wait to tell her how perfect her curly hair is.

Curlee Girlee is definitely a book all girls should read. This book teaches girls that no matter what, you can stand out and not be ordinary.


For more on Curlee Girlee: http://curleegirlee.com/



Before you read this article I want you to learn something new while reading this article. Also, do not go and take your child’s cell phone away from them. I want this article to be very informational and educational to my readers. Before cell phones how did people communicate? This is a question many kids tend to ask. The answer is by talking. This is a skill that many kids have lost due to cell phones. Screens have pretty much ruined this generation of kids and teenagers. Before you ask which kind of screens, I mean screens like phones. Do not get me wrong, you can take some really good pictures with phones. But phones tend to cause damage. For example, many kids read less due to cell phones. Reading helps you boost analytical thinking. I know many teenagers and kids that do not like to read. But they would rather stay up to date with the latest celebrity news. The new words kids tend to say is “bro” and “lit”. In my opinion that can make a person sound less intelligent. Over 73% of teens have access to a cell phone. Over thirty one percent of kids ages eight through ten have a cell phone. (according to WedMd). Crazy right? In my opinion, I believe kids should get a phone when you are ten and older. Now if you try to take a phone away from a child or teenager they tend to cry. You do not want to know how many tears I saw going down a person’s face because their phone was taken away from them. In another situation, I have seen a teenager walk in the street texting without paying attention to the road. Now phones cause distractions in everyday lives. Did you know that many car accidents are caused by texting and driving? Cell Phones can also increase chances of cyberbullying. “46 percent of heavy users experience cyberbullying on their cell phones,a much higher rate compared to just 23 percent of teenagers who are within the normal usage bracket.”- New York Post. Cyberbullying is not what you want to experience ever in your life. Cyberbullying increases chances of depression, anxiety, and suicide. For more on cyberbullying read my article down below.

Even though  cell phones can be distracting, phones can be useful for kids. A cell phone can teach responsibility for kids. A cell phone taught me that a cell phone is not a toy, but a tool/ item you will need. A cell phone can also teach kids when there is danger, you always call your parents or 911. The three digits have been installed into my brain for the longest time.

Descendants 2 Review

tumblr_opdv7hvFaj1simvkko1_500 (2)

On July 21, Descendants 2 aired on six different networks. Descendants 2 had over 13 million viewers, crazy right? If you did not tune in to watch Descendants 2, you missed out. Descendants 2 stars Mal(Dove Cameron), Evie(Sofia Carson), Carlos(Cameron Boyce), Jay(Booboo Stewart), Ben(Mitchell Hope), Uma(China Anne McClain), and more. In Descendants 2, Mal(daughter of Maleficent) is pressured into being a perfect person in Auradon. Why? Mal is dating Ben, the king of Auradon. Also, the son of Belle and the beast. Mal later goes back to the Isle of the Lost. Next characters are introduced in Descendants 2. Such as Uma, daughter of Ursula. Uma plans to take over Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. How does she do that? By kidnapping Ben. In order for Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay to get Ben back, they need to get fairy godmother’s wand. Fairy godmother’s wand equals power. I will not spoil the whole movie. I rate this movie a ten out of ten. This movie is definitely a must needed movie after High School Musical. If you have not watched Descendants or Descendants 2, get your butt up and watch it now.


Ever since Beyonce announced the news she was pregnant with twins on social media, the Beyhive(Beyonce’s fans) has been going nuts. Beyonce has posted pictures of her pregnant, with over millions of likes. It was announced that Beyonce has given birth to twins. But, what are the genders? According to People Magazine, Beyonce has shared the news with close family members and friends. On social media, fans are giving the twins names. While Beyonce stays quiet. Beyonce needs to announce something soon before things get crazy.

Ariana Grande Visits Wounded Fans


Sadly, Ariana Grande had a recent concert where 22 people died and 59 fans were wounded. This very sad event was took by surprise and sadness. Ariana Grande visited wounded fans at Manchester concert. Pictured above is a fan and Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande is also holding a benefit concert in Manchester. This concert will be live streamed in over 50 countries.

The Cons of Cyber Bullying


Cyberbullying is a very large issue going on in this decade. Cyberbullying is ending lives and causing damaging one day at a time. Cyberbullying should be criminalized because of its negative effects. Here is a snippet of my research paper I did for Cyberbullying…

Teenagers face many obstacles in their life that can affect them in a negative way. Cyberbullying is the cause of this global issue. There is no doubt cyberbullying should be a criminal offense. Cyberbullying is the use of bullying a person through electronics. Cyberbullying is happening in more places than ever before. Before, kids were bullied on the playground without the impact of cyberbullying. Now with cyberbullying, an individual can be bullied any time and anywhere. Social media has a huge impact on teenagers this decade. Over 87 percent of today’s youth has witnessed cyberbullying (Cyberbullying Facts and Statistics). First, cyber bullying leads to depressions and other disorders. Second, depression leads to suicide among teenagers. Third, cyberbullies can use a online disguise to harass their victims. Finally, cyberbullying has a very large global audience. Why should cyberbullying be criminalized?This epidemic needs to stop before it gets out of hand.

With studies showing cyberbullying can lead to depression, depression can lead to suicide. Suicide is the number third killer of teenagers in the U.S. Suicide is a very large epidemic going on around this era with teenagers. Suicide is a way of ending one’s life. Teenagers tend to believe suicide can escape pain and suffering.Over thousands of teenagers commit suicide every year.  Teenagers are attacked everyday online. Sadly, many tend to end their lives because of this. There are many cases globally of suicide among the youth. “A young girl, twelve years old, jumped from top of a factor located in Florida. She was found dead at the abandoned cement factory one early morning. This poor girl endured more than a year of being bullied online. Prior to her body being found, she changed her ask.fm page to “That Dead Girl” (Stories of Seven Teen Suicides because of Ask.fm Bullying). Many poor families are losing their beloved one because of suicide. Imagine waking up, knowing a loved one passed away because of committing suicide. Now, many teenagers are livestreaming their suicides on social media. These social media sites Include Facebook and Instagram. A simple comment like “do it” and “kill yourself” can really drive a teen to making the choice to end their life. Imagine, your life being ended because of a knife or a blade. Many minors are doing this sadly. It is proved that students think of committing suicide everyday.  This needs to be stopped now. Bullies are making their victims end their life. What else can they do? -(Ameenhalee.com)

The New Toy of the Year?

fidget spinner

Every year there are new trends. Trends can vary  from makeup, lifestyle, toys, cars, and more. Last years trend for 2016 was the hover board and ombre hair. This years trend is the fidget spinner. What is the fidget spinner you may ask. A fidget spinner is pretty much a toy that spins. It is also rumored that the fidget spinner helps with ADHD. Many people say it is true. Many people say it is a false idea. In my school, half of my classmates have a fidget spinner. At first, I thought that the trend was really annoying. The fidget spinner tends to make very annoying sounds. It is especially annoying when you are in a classroom taking a test with the sound of a fidget spinner annoying you.  Then I actually used the spinner, it is very addicting to use. There are glow up in the dark fidget spinners, rainbow fidget spinners, gold fidget spinners, and more. It is just crazy how one little toy can be a trend globally in less than month. Let’s see how long this trend last.

Fun Day At TTPM



On April 27th, I had a very great time in New York City. What is TTPM? TTPM stands for toys, tots, pets and more. TTPM is a event action packed with fun experiences for everyone. I received amazing toys from amazing companies.  There was amazing food. (Which I love.) At TTPM, I was a brand ambassdor for Black Celebrity Kids. I was able to interact with many amazing brands. For example, Disc Jock-E, Despicable Me, Mattel, Hatchlings, Kap It and more.

Fyre Festival Fail



Who knew being stranded in the Bahamas, while paying $12,000, will be a upscale festival? Fyre Festival was one of the biggest fails of the year. What is Fyre Festival ? Why is Bella Hadid and Ja Rule showed in the pictures? Fyre Festival was supposed to be a upscale festival on a private island in the Bahamas. Many people spent about $12,000 for this flop of a festival. When people got to this island, it was not what they expected. There was half-built tents, food with limps of cheese sandwiches and no celebrities. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner promoted this festival. Blink-182, Migos, Lil Yachty, and Major Lazer were supposed to perform. Ja Rule was the face of Fyre Festival and co planned this event. Many people were stuck on the island and were not able to get flights. People are trying to get their money back for this wannabe Coachella flop. Fyre Island claimed “we were not ready.” How? What? When? How can you not be ready? People paid $12,000, and you are not ready? After this flop, Fyre Festival has disabled the comments on their Instagram.


Famous In Love Review

famous in love cast

Famous In Love is a Free form original TV show. I started watching Famous In Love because of all the ads I saw on YouTube. Famous In Love got my attention right away. The cast of this show is Bella Throne, as Paige Townsen ( without the d.) Keith Powers, as Jordan. Charlie DePew as Jake. Pepi Sounga as Tangey. Carter Jenkins as Rainer. Niki Kloss as Alexis, and more. I binge watched Famous In Love on the Free Form app because all of the episodes were uploaded. I have to admit, I could have kept watching the show in a whole day without distractions. Famous In Love is about Paige and her two best friends in Hollywood. Cassandra(Paige’s best friend) tells Paige to audition for a part in the movie Locked. Paige and Cassandra were auditioning for the same part. In the trailer above, it shows how Paige is being pulled away from her close friends. Later, Paige gets the part. In Famous In Love, you will the see the ups and downs of Hollywood. How far people will go for a career. How people try to  cover up their past. I do not want to spoil anything, but things pretty much get crazy in this show. Unexpected relationships, back stabbing people and a love triangle. In the show, it is clear Paige likes Jake( another one of Paige’s best friends). But, Rainer shows up. Lets  just say some jealously goes in in this Hollywood wonder. Paige finds her self trying to balance school and acting at the same time. Paige finds herself with paparazzi following her every move. Fans asking for autographs in public.  The only strange thing about this show is  Paige always bites her lips in this TV show. Is this one of her habits? Every scene Paige is biting her lip. Besides that, I recommended the show ten out of ten stars. The actors are purely amazing. If you are very impatient to wait for future episodes(like me), go to the Free Form app. All episodes are available there. I really hope there is a season two. In the last episode, there is a major cliffhanger.

Trailer shown above

Vampire Diaries Ending? Read below for more. Do not read if you have not finished the series.