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What Is Rice Water? The Secret To Fast Hair Growth…No Matter Your Hair Type

Did you cut your hair accidentally way too much? Have you regretted not rocking long hair since your teenage years? Rice water is the perfect solution for you, and the price is shocking.


Rice water has been a miracle apart of my hair routine. Since I have thick hair, it is essential to moisturize my hair with braids, oils, and even slick backs. Even though having thick curly hair is amazing, there is nothing wrong with wanting rapid fast hair growth. Now I know that people say that genetics plays a role in hair growth, which is true, but your genetics should not be the fault for moderate growth.

I have heard so many people say that their hair does not grow thanks to their genes. In my experience, I have always grown up with thick hair. On the other hand, I always wanted my hair to grow past a certain length. I was truly tired of my hair being at my shoulders, and it was time for a change.

Rice water is one of the most inexpensive hair growth methods to implement in your beauty routine. All you need for this beauty hack is white rice, water, and a bowl. It is important to note that brown or seasoned rice is not suitable to use.

  1. Buy white rice from any brand at your local supermarket. You may also use fermented rice for faster hair growth results.
  2. Put 4-5 tsps of white rice in a bowl or a container of choice. After the rice in the bowl, fill the rest of the container with water.
  3. Leave the rice water in your place of setting for at least an hour. You should see that the water looks white and cloudy. If the water is still clear, let it sit from a few more hours.
  4. Pour the water, without rice, into a bottle of choice. This can be a spray bottle or a mason jar.

Rice water may be used as a hair spray, but many people like to use it while washing their hair as hair rinse. Personally, I love to mix my rice water with rose water . Since rice water smells after 4-5 days, I utilize rice water with my braids. If I start to notice that the rice water starts to have a slight smell, I use the rest of the product while showering.

For the low porosity girls, this hair hack may not be the best for you. Low porosity hair means that moisture is not easily asorbed into your scalp. The overload of protein in your hair from rice water can cause your hair to break off.

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