What To Do When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Enemy

It is painful when the person closest to you becomes your enemy. You feel betrayed, hurt, and might feel confused. All the good memories go down the drain instantly. On the other hand, you might be wondering how to repair your friendship with your best friend. Your best friend becoming your enemy is worst than a breakup. However, there are many ways to fix your relationship with your ex bestie.

1. Try to talk it out

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Sometimes it’s better to talk out your problems in most situations. Maybe try to just have a one on one with your best friend. Talking it out will lead you guys to discussing your problems with each other in the relationship. You would regret never talking it out with your best friend, no matter the circumstances.

2. Do not listen to the rumors

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People are going to gossip regardless. The rumors in your group of friends will spread like wildfire. No matter what you hear, do not believe it. Unless you have or see concrete evidence, you have no reason to listen to the rumors. Also, do not gossip about your bestie. You guys might be going through a rough patch right now. Other people will use your words against you.

3. Try to find new friends

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I have to admit it, your friends aren’t going to be in your life forever. You sometimes have to branch out and find new people. What if your friendship with your bestie doesn’t work out ? You are going to need other friends around you to make you feel happy. This might be sad to say, but best friends aren’t forever all the time. New friends = new beginnings.

4. Take a break

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They say in most relationships to take a break. You might need a break from your best friend. A mini vacation from your bestie might break or save your friendship. Try taking a day or week break from your best friend. If the break last longer than a month, you guys seriously need to talk it out.

5. Do not be afraid

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Do not be afraid ! Maybe your best friend turning into your enemy was a sign. Maybe you do need new friends in your group. Do not be afraid to break free and start a new journey.