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  Guys and girls can be hard to understand, especially guys. Below are some tip that can help girls understand if a guy likes them. * All guys are different by the way. So these tips may or may not work depending on the guy*Eye contact

  1. Eye contact

Eye contact is a very important sign. Guys staring at you for a long time means that he enjoys your presence. Also, the guy can be checking you out. *wink wink :)*

   2. Body language

If a guy is leaning in towards you, he is paying attention to what you are saying. It also means that this particular person in interested in you as well.

    3. He gets nervous around you

    4. He tries to make you laugh

    5. He notices small changes in your appearance or attitude

    6. Physical touch

If a guy touches or brushes against you, this means the person is flirting or trying to get closer with you.

  7. Always trying to find ways to talk to you

  8. Teases you

There’s a main difference between bullying and teasing by the way. If he teases you, this means they want to see you laugh. This would convince the person that they are funny.


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