On my trip to Miami, I interviewed the awesome owner of Clutch Burger. His quality burgers, black burger buns, amazing staff, and amazing energy makes him stand out from the rest. I also called nicknamed him the burger sorcerer. I learned form Steve that he wants to help his staff better themselves in their life. “If my dishwasher is still a dishwasher by next year, I know that I failed myself”-Steve. Lets just say that the turkey burger at Clutch is absolutely to die for.

Clutch Burger has a phrase for never being basic, always clutch

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Ameenha :What was your inspiration for starting Clutch burgers?

Steve (Clutch Burgers founder): to fill a void in Florida

Ameenha: What is one burger place you can name in Florida?

Steve: fast food restaurants

Ameenha: When did you open Clutch Burger?

Steve: July first

Ameenha: Who did you open up Clutch Burger with?

Steve: I opened Clutch Burger with my wife and I

Ameenha: Where do you see Clutch Burger in the next five years?

Steve: I see Clutch Burger with five brand new locations. I see Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston as future locations.

Ameenha: If you were to eat one Clutch Burger for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

Steve: I would eat the Clutch Burger

*Steve had a very hard time picking an answer for this question*

Ameenha: What makes you different from other burger restaurants?

Steve: Clutch Burger has a different quality of beef (wagu beef) and there is a diversity of burger options. Here at Clutch we make you feel like family.

Ameenha: Who is one person that you look up to?

Steve: I look up to my older brother. When my dad passed away, he was the oldest sibling. He was the perfect role model for my siblings and I.He is very smart.

Ameenha: If you ever had to choose one celebrity to try your burgers, who would it be?

Steve: Jack Black

Ameenha: If you were to challenge anyone in a cook off, who would it be?

Steve: definitely Gordon Ramsey

Ameenha: Where do you see yourself personally in five years?

Steve: I see myself travelling and not working 90 hours. I also see myself travelling to different locations.

Ameenha: Would you think of yourself better than Johnny Rockets?

Steve: Most definitely yes. That is like comparing oranges and apples.

Ameenha: What is one fun fact about yourself?

Steve: I am a professional juggler and I am good at sports that don’t make a lot of money.

Make sure to get your own DELICIOUS Clutch Burger. Also support Clutch Burger to totally stalk their mouth watering feed.

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