If you are active on social media, Bird Box memes are literally everywhere. Look at these memes for example.

If you want to understand these memes, watch Bird Box first.

A quick summary:

Bird Box is a 124 minute movie that features Malorie ( Sandra Bullock). The movie focuses on how Malorie sternly tells her kids to not remove their blindfolds, or they will die. Malorie names her two kids girl and boy, weird right ? Bird Box also tells the story prior to Malorie on the river with girl and boy. Five years prior, Malorie is pregnant. Pretty much her sister is driving the car and looks into the sky. I guess looking into the sky in this movie is getting influenced by the demons to commit suicide. Who came up with this plot again? Back on track. Her sister totally crashes the car and almost kills Malorie. Malorie then runs into the huge crowd and gets saved by a lady. This lady a minute later looks into the sky and commits suicide. Then after this, Bird Box explains the journey Malorie goes through on the river to travel to a safer place. Bird Box also reflects how Malorie how to survive with a group of people while she was pregnant.

I was told to watch Bird Box by a group of friends. Lets just say thank God I listened to them. This movie might seem boring, but it is finally a good thriller Netflix has produced in a while. Now all I’m waiting for is season two of One My Block. I would rate Bird Box a five out of five stars. I am not going to lie, I was watching this film at midnight and got scared. Lets just say once you go outside, bird chirps might not be the same for you.

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