On March tenth, Industry Kids presented the revolutionary Curl Talk. Curl Talk was an event for empowerment within the natural hair community. This event took place in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Curl Talk was the event that discussed everything natural hair, empowerment, self love, and confidence within all age groups. Also, Curl Talk was the event to honor the influential key people of the natural hair industry. This consisted of Richelieu Dennis( CEO of Shea Moisture), Miko Branch( co-founder of Miss Jessies), Mahisha Dellinger( CEO of Curls), and Courtney Adeleye( CEO of Mane Choice).

Many young girls do not how to feel empowered and confident in today’s age. I had the pleasure moderating both panels for Curl Talk. The first panel was Young, Gifted, and Curly Panel presented by Curls. The first panel of Curl Talk consisted of Fashionista Franklin, Ashley Herandez, Khia Hyman, and Jamilia Small.

This was was personally one of my favorites because all of the panelists were around my age. I was able to relate and connect with all of the panelists from the first panel. I asked all of the panelists amazing questions and they answered them perfectly. The questions I asked the panelists were questions that are very well debated and talked about in today’s age. My favorite topic that was discussed from the Young, Gifted, and Curly Panel was about discrimination against natural hair. Many young girls with natural hair feel pressured to straighten their hair to fit in. I love how the panelists each gave their own natural hair story.

Ashley Hernandez talked about the time when she was told to change her natural hair at work. Her boss at her previous job told her to put her curly hair up into a ponytail, or a style that doesn’t show her curls.

The second panel at Curl Talk was presented by ameenhalee.com. The second panel consisted of Jazz Young, Francis Grier,Aisha Hall, and Shuana Flowers. I loved how all of the panels at Curl Talk included all age ranges. This panel was also one of my favorites because I learned many new things that I didn’t know before. The panelists discussed their own natural hair journey. I learned from this panel that even back in the 90’s, some people were pressured to get weaves because they had natural hair. Another topic that was discussed during the second panel was colorism. In the entertainment industry, colorism is very common. Frances, Jazz, Aisha, and Shauna all gave their own opinions pertaining to colorism. But, the same thing that they all agreed on was that colorism should never be a thing in the world we live in today.

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