Photographer : Anthony Jones

   Triple threat Donshea Hopkins has the initiative to give back every holiday season. You may know Donshea Hopkins from Power, but she is donating back to people in the New York City area. 

   The Holiday Concert is presented by Donshea Hopkins and Friends. This Holiday Concert is a festive event to collect necessary items that other might take for granted. For example, toys, clothes, shoes, canned goods, and toiletries for local withing the New York area. Who knew a concert for a good cause can be such a festive event ? 

  One shelter at a time is Donshea’s mission continuing with family shelters in Bedford Stuyvesant. Donshea had also previously given back by volunteering at schools. She learned that majority of the kids loved in shelters. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to give back to shelters in New York City. 

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