Paris Phillips is more than a ordinary woman. Paris Phillips is the definition of a hustler. Paris Phillips is not only popping, she is also creating a future legacy for herself and her family. Paris Phillips is a woman from Brooklyn killing it in Hollywood. Paris Phillips is the friend that we all need in our lives. When she walks in a room, she lights up the room. Also, you can find her always dancing to any song. Unlike most people in Hollywood, you can relate to Paris Phillips in many ways. You might have seen Paris Phillips on your TV screen, but do you know the real Paris Phillips ?

Fun Facts About Paris

  1. Paris is from the BK aka Brooklyn. She represents her Brooklyn roots to the fullest. Other legends that originate from Brooklyn include Biggie, Jay Z, and Lil Kim.
  2. Paris Phillips loves Gucci, I mean who doesn’t ? Gucci is the luxury brand of fashion and leather goods.
  3. Paris Phillips icon is the legendary Jay Z. If you might not know, Jay Z is also from Brooklyn. You can say that people from Brooklyn are taking over.

Paris Phillips is set to star in her first ever movie on BET called “Fall Girls”. The world premiere of Fall Girls airs on BET on January 12, 2019. Fall Girls also stars Amara Le Negra, Erica Hubbard, Tami Roman, and Joely Fisher. Fall Girls is about a girls night going completely wrong. Paige Davis (Amara Le Negra) has recently gotten promoted to president at her sales job. In order to celebrate the great news, Paige Davis gets invited to a weekend getaway by her boss (Joely Fisher). Tyra (Erica Hubbard) also gets invited to the weekend getaway by best friend/ coworker, who is Joely Fisher. After a night of partying and fun, Paige and Tyra wake up to a dead boss. The two woman automatically think of a plan to figure out who killed their boss without taking the blame. Check out the trailer below ! Fall Girl is brought to you by the same producers and directors that brought you “You Got Served”.