Fake friends are the epitome of ridiculousness. You will deal with fake friends all throughout your life. In my opinion, you should know that fake friends can be your closest friends. Do not be surprised when you find out that your best friends spreads a rumor about you during high school.

1. A fake friend will only use you

Fake friends are like leeches that love to suck your blood. In some instances, fake friends will use you many times. Fake friends can take advantage of you by.

  • using you for money
  • only talking to you if they need something. For example, a car ride and concert tickets.
  • bossing you around like a puppet

Realizing that a fake friend is using you can be really hard. Your love for a friend can blind you from seeing the truth.

2. They only care about themselves

Fake friends will only care about themselves in the friendship. They will mostly focus on themselves throughout the entire friendship by not caring about others.

3. They have a hard time being happy for your success

Jealousy is a very common factor in a relationship with a fake friend. When you are often succeeding in life, they will get very bitter and jealous. This is a major sign wondering if you have a fake friend. If a friend can get jealous with your successes, what else can they do?

4. They gossip about you

A friend gossiping about you is a major stab in the back. This will lead to you being unable to trust a lot of people in your life.

5. They attempt to embarrass you in front of others

A friend making a joke about you is a major difference from embarrassing you. For example,

A joke- “Your forehead is looking really big today.”

Embarrassment- “Remember that time you fell on your face last year in front of your crush.”


Embarrassment- “Remember that time when you told me Jennifer looked ugly in her dress during the summer.”

A fake friend embarrassing you in front of others is a sign that they want you to seem like a joke to others.

6. They never stand up for you in front of others

Your friends should always defend you when you’re in trouble.

Fake friends are very hard to spot in your life. If you notice the warning signs early, you will have no fake friends in your life.

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