On April 29th, Industry Kids presented Family Night Out. A night of fun, networking, and music.  Industry Kids Family Night was the perfect event to bring together talented performers, network, and for people of all ages to have a good time. Industry Kids also presented a VIP hour at Family Night Out. The VIP hour  was a influential hour where people can network with other influencers and brands while getting special gifts at the gifting suite.  Industry Kids Family Night Out was taken place at Eso Harlem.

Industry Kids is a marketing and branding firm run by children of entertainment moguls from music, art, fashion, media and branding. Industry Kids uses their influence to help build brand awareness for starter companies. Also, influential brands through their network. Industry Kids has worked with brands from Miss Jessie’s, Gucci, Sprayground, Vibe Magazine, and etc. Industry Kids also has a blog that features fashion, lifestyle, culture, brands, and more.

The amazing sponsors that sponsored Family Night Out included..

Charm It




Townley Girl






Shea Moisture




Tickle Water


Kid Pik


Stylez By Sonya

The musical performances at Family Night were performed by Hassan Brooklyn, Ken Belle, and KDW(Kicking Down Windows).

  • Hassan Brooklyn is a brand, mogul, model, and rapper. Hassan Brooklyn has appeared in commercials, web series,and upcoming film projects. Hassan is not even ten years old, and he is killing the game. Hassan Brooklyn did his first performance at Family Night Out and he had no appearance of stage fright at all. Hassan has so much swag to him. Everything that he wears is literally fire! 
  • Ken Belle is a talented singer and songwriter from the Bronx. Ken Belle has a passion for R&B, trap, and neo soul. His songs make you want to sing along instantly once you hear it.
  • Finally, Kicking Down Walls is a hip hop group comprised of siblings  Malcolm Small and Shadaje Small. Kicking Down Walls music is a combination of fun. Kicking Down Walls music always has a powerful meaning to it and their music is so upbeat it makes you want to dance.

Influencers that attended Family Night Out includes…












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