On February tenth, Industry Kids presented The Ultimate Pop Up Experience. I had the pleasure of producing my first event as well as moderating the event.

The Ultimate Pop Up Experience is an event that showcases an epic day of panels, networking, and fun. The Ultimate Pop Up Experience was an experience for both adults and kids. While parents are networking with others, kids can meet new peers of their age group. If you know me, I am very social with kids of all ages. It was great seeing the kids at The Ultimate Pop Up Experience make new friends.

As a moderator of the event, I also had the opportunity to ask each of the beautiful panelist questions. The first panel at The Ultimate Pop Up Experience was the Activate Your Magic Panel. This panel was presented by Shea Moisture. Shea Moisture is one of the top brands in the world that caters to natural hair. Shea Moisture also has amazing products for the body consisting of lotion and body scrubs.

The Activate Your Magic panel featured Gillian Garrett, Geanine Cilenti, and Sandra Velez. These women are the top tastemakers in the fashion, blogging, beauty, and branding industry. These panelists discussed how they activated their magic in the industry. They also discussed activating their magic with brands, celebrities, influencers, and more. These women have also helped to aid many global brands that exist today. Below I have attached each question I asked the panelists featured on the Activate Your Magic panel.

  • 1. Gillian Garrett- Why did you start your own skincare line?
  • 2. Geanine Cilenti- What advice would you give to parents balancing their brand and family?
  • 3. Sandra Velez- What age did you start in the industry?

The Activate Your Magic Panel is a panel that taught mothers and fathers that handling business and family can be hard but manageable. According to Geanine Cilenti, she stated that having a team is very important in balancing a brand and family. This panel also taught everyone that if you have a passion for something, you follow your dreams.

The last panel at The Ultimate Pop Up Experience was the Brand Builders Panel. This panel was presented by Curls. Curls in the last decade has emerged as one of the top brands in the natural hair industry. Curls continues to maintain the highest standards for quality ingredients and product dependability.

The Brand Builders Panel was a pretty large panel that featured Chelsea Alana, Truasia Sapp, Erika DeShazo, Denise Woodward, Emerald Knox, and Mecca (Inspo Mini Style). The panelists apart of the Brand Builders Panel have built brands of their own. These panelists know the ups and downs of building their own brand.

Questions that I asked the panelists consisted of..

  • 1. Chelsea Alana- Why do you want to help people learn how to build a brand on social media?
  • 2. Erika DeShazo- What was your passion for becoming a real estate developer?
  • 3. Denise Woodward- Did you ever find it hard with building up your brand?
  • 4. Emerald Knox- Do you experience any hardships as being a colored woman in the industry?
  • 5. Mecca- What was your passion for you starting Inspo Mini Style ?

What I liked about this panel was that you had women who owned different businesses from food to books. Each one of the panels included a diverse set of women. It is very hard to find that now.

The amazing brands apart of The Ultimate Pop Up Experience included Shea Moisture, Curls, Gilly’s Organics, Kid Pik, 16 Handles of Fort Lee, and Nina Shoes.

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