Pynk Le’Monade is a pop girl group sensation.  Pynk Le’Monade consists of Sydney, Inaya, Jackie, Sav, and Tori. Get ready to see Pynk Le’Monade on the big screen because they are taking over. Did you know Pynk Le’Monade has over two million followers on

1. What inspired the name Pynk Lemonade?

  •     Sydney can explain lol. My mom was at lunch with friends and at the time we were looking for a name and her friend ordered a pink lemonade. We were like PINK LEMONADE lol… but we spelled PYNK LE’MONADE

2.  Why do each of you girls love to be in a girl group?

  • We get to chase our dreams with our best friends.

3. What age did you girls start singing?

  • Since the day we can talk.

4. Where do you see Pynke Le’Monade in five years? Also, has Pynke Le’Monade changed any of your lives?

  • Hopefully at the Grammys and it showed us anythings possible if you work hard

5. Has Pynke Le’Monade formed a sisterhood between you girls?

  • Yes, we are really close. We fight like just any family, but it  doesn’t change the fact that we love each other and are thankful to have each other.

6. Do you girls only cover songs or do you have songs of your own?

  • No, we actually have a debut single coming out next month so were really excited and proud of it.

7. What is your socials so everyone can stay updated with you?

  • @pynklemmusic with a Y