Louis Vuitton is the go to lifestyle global powerhouse brand for fashion. From designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, fragrances, leather goods, accessories and personalization. What girl hasn’t dreamed of owning her own Louis Vuitton couture bag? Even though Louis Vuitton is the cost of rent money and mortgage, it is totally worth it. Louis Vuitton is the statement for everything perfection in design. But, how did this fashion powerhouse all begin?
The famous LV came from Paris, where Louis Vuitton was founded.Louis Vuitton (1821-1892) was the founder of brand of leather goods. Did you know that Louis Vuitton was appointed as trunk maker to Empress Eugénie de Montijo. Louis Vuitton walked to Paris by foot for two whole years. I bet that Louis Vuitton’s feet hurt a lot! Imagine the world of fashion without Louis Vuitton, it would be totally mind blowing. After Louis Vuitton’s death, his son George took over the global brand. The Louis Vuitton brand will later get trademarked and take over the world of fashion.
I attended the Louis Vuitton exhibit this month on November ninth. The Louis Vuitton exhibit is literally the best exhibit to take the best pictures and learn all about the global fashion brand. The Louis Vuitton exhibit was literally breathtaking, no joke. I learned that Louis Vuitton not only made leather handbags, but clothes. I have to say that Louis Vuitton is the go to brand for celebrities. If you are a celebrity and have not yet won Louis Vuitton on the red carpet, what is you doing? I fell in love with every different room at the exhibit. My jaw was wide open looking at the old and new collections of Louis Vuitton. I have to say that the Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration  had to be my favorite. At the end of the exhibit, you get to keep a Louis Vuitton pin. FYI, which I am never wearing because if I lose the pin I will literally cry my eyes out; While wiping my tearing with a Louis Vuitton printed napkin(if it exists).

For more about Louis Vuitton:  http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/homepage


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