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My Season 3 Theories for Ginny & Georgia: Will Georgia Really Go To Prison?

The season two finale of Ginny & Georgia had viewers on the edge of their seats. With Georgia being arrested for killing Tom, what the heck is going to happen during season 3?

1. Ginny & Georgia Will Remain Close

During season two, Ginny and Georgia’s relationship was very strained. While having a private investigator on her back, Georgia finds her lies and secret life catching up to her perfect lifestyle. While talking to the private investigator, Ginny finds out that her mom might have possibly killed her husband who mysteriously died. If you did not notice, it is insulated that Ginny was being touched by Georgia’s late husband.

Throughout the middle of season two, Ginny and Georgia become closer than ever. After witnessing her mom being abused by Gil, Ginny learned that her mom was being abused by her past partner, who is Austin’s father. This allows Ginny to regain some trust in her mother.

In my personal opinion, I believe that Ginny & Georgia will remain close. Even though Ginny will be mad,, understandably so, I think she may learn to forgive her mother.

2. Marcus and Ginny Will Date…Again

This theory does not even need an explanation. Even though Marcus and Ginny broke up during season two, it is quote obvious that the writers are pushing these two to stay together. You know what? I am quite here for it. Even though I wish Ginny would get a new love interest, Marcus and Ginny are the cutest together!

3. Gil Will Have More Vengeance Against Georgia

Gil, Austin’s father, was the main villain in season two. While trying to blackmail Georgia, it backfires on him towards the ending. With his abusive nature being seen by Cynthia, Georgia’s “perfect persona” starts to become understood.

Paul tells Gil that he knows about him trying to blackmail Georgia for money. With Georgia’s arrest, Gil is definitely going to attempt to kidnap Austin, or something even worse.

4. Georgia Will Not Go To Prison

Honestly, there is not enough evidence that Georgia even killed Tom. Even though Austin saw his mother kill Tom, convicting someone without any evidence is honestly blasphemous.


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