Stranger Things, House of Cards, Fuller House, and Santa Clarita Diet are a list of Netflix shows that are very entertaining. On My Block is a new Netflix show that is going to take over all current Netflix shows (no offense Stranger Things).  On My Block is one of the most talked about shows on social media. On My Block will keep you on the edge of your seat while watching. When I was watching On My Block, I literally could not stop watching.  On My Block is a powerful show that everyone can relate to. On My Block is about a group of teens in South California that try to avoid the pressure of gang violence that is around them constantly. The characters of On My Block go through their own struggles as well.

Let me break down all the characters for you…

Ruby- Ruby is the best guy best friend you can have. Ruby is adorable, sweet, funny, and pretty talented at dancing.

Monse- Monse is a girl that looks tough on the outside, but is really fragile on the inside. Monse has a struggle of expressing her true feelings (which you will see when watching On My Block).

Jamal- Jamal is a very funny and  intelligent character. During season one, Jamal goes on an adventure to find a lost treasure. Also, Jamal is also a great friend, but do not trust him with a secret.

Cesar-Cesar is a very good looking character. Cesar gets involved with the gang at the start of high school.

Olivia- Olivia is a girl who is pretty and breaks hearts. Once she moves from her hometown, things go downhill. Lets just say I do not like her character.

Jasmine- Jasmine is a very energetic character who loves to have fun. Jasmine can be a bit annoying at times, but she is still lovable.

On My Block is a TV show that every one needs to watch now! I give On My Block a 10/10. On My Block is such an enjoyable show that everyone can enjoy.




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