The New Revolutionary Hygienic Product for Women

All women and teenagers have faced a FML problem in their long life of being a girl. Not having emergency hygienic products is honestly a struggle. A FML problem can really be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Having the Panty Fresh product can honestly save your life. You can also say that the Panty Fresh brand is the “plug ” for women.  You may be asking what is Panty Fresh? Panty Fresh is the 4 in one  small hygienic pocket solution for women. Panty Fresh includes seamless panties that you take anywhere with you on the go. For example, the airport, parties, school, work, and many more places on the go. Panty Fresh also comes with a liner, wipes, and a wash me bag. Lets give an applause for this revolutionary product. The panty that is included is also reusable, honestly amazing.


Hygiene is very important for women, especially young girls. Many young girls do not know the importance of hygiene. Panty Fresh teaches women and young girls the importance of hygiene while on the go. Did you know that poor menstrual hygiene not only affects physical health, but also social mental well according to ? Panty Fresh helps to keep women clean and confident on the go.


Panty Fresh was created to “conveniently provide every woman with the confidence to refresh, feel good and remain hygienically clean when they are away from home.” Panty Fresh has a totally awesome message and mission. Whether you are at work or at a party, the seamless collection is super comfortable with no visible lines. It can be so annoying when you see your underwear line through your dresses. It can be a major turn off.  On the other hand,  Panty Fresh panties are super comfy and you can kind of say invisible to be seen by others. The awesome CEO of Panty Fresh is Neda Shilian. Neda was desired to create a small pocket solution for women after experiencing her own embarrassing moment at the airport.


Panty Fresh is also super affordable. When shopping at, you get to chose what style underwear you prefer. You can chose from bikini or thong styled underwear. You can also chose from white, nude, or black colored underwear. Finally, the Panty Fresh underwear come in all sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large).


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