Creators have taken over the world by storm. There are over millions of creators that showcase their platforms on many different platforms. There are creators on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and live streaming platforms. Behind the creators is the camera and the supporters. How else would a creator gain fame without fans ?

Playlist Live is a three day event where online creators and their biggest supporters can come together in one place. Playlist Live begins with business day then proceeds with a fun interactive experience on Saturday and Sunday. Playlist Live took place on March first through the third.

Playlist Live Orlando 2019 was my first ever Playlist event I have ever attended. Playlist Live is an event that is truly unbelievable. First, I think that it is very cool that creators get to meet and engage with their supporters. Many creators with a big following can find it hard to meet up with their fans who support them on a daily basis. I totally give props to the owners of Playlist Live for coming up with this idea.

Another reason why I enjoyed my Playlist Live Experience was due to the panels. While supporters are at meet and greets with creators, you can enjoy informative panels. I always like to learn about new techniques in the creator world so I can apply it to my own social platforms. Many discussions that were addressed at the panels consisted of..

  • Emerging practices and platforms
  • Creating viral content on Youtube
  • Writing a good video
  • Mental Health
  • Trends vs individuality
  • Building a team
  • Live streaming
  • Youtube and music career

In my opinion, I do not mind spending my time sitting in a chair learning new information at panels. People might think that panels are boring but they are actually far from that. The panels at Playlist are very important to be at especially if you want to become a creator yourself.

At Playlist Live I also met amazing creators and brands. Meeting creators you see on your screen in real life is actually pretty cool.

If you want to become a creator yourself and become “internet famous,” Playlist Live is the place you need to be at. At Playlist Live you can meet your favorite creators, learn cool new information at panels. meet amazing new people, and have a cool experience overall. I would rate my Playlist Live experience a 10/10. I definitely cant wait to attend Playlist Live 2020 !

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