On February 17th, Taylen Biggs had her official website launch event in New York City. If you do not know who the adorable Taylen Biggs is, you are totally missing out. Before I explain my experience at Biggs website launch, let’s talk about who Taylen Biggs is.


Taylen Biggs is an adorable five year old fashionista, runway model and fashion critic. The mini triple threat has worked with global brands that adults dream to be a part of. Taylen Biggs has worked with Betsey Johnson, Kardashian Kids, Jeremy Scott, Disney, Sherri Hill, and Boohoo.

Taylen at only five years old has over 161,000 followers on Instagram. Her social media following has led her to be front row at fashion shows with the hottest designers. These designers include Laquan Smith, The Blonds, and Romeo Hunter. When Taylen Biggs isn’t judging the runway, you can find her strutting down it. You can also call Taylen Biggs the mini Anna Wintour.


From my experience, I have seen many kids being forced to act, sing, and model. Taylen Biggs has a natural and raw talent. She is one of the most confident toddlers I have ever seen. Once Taylen Biggs steps in front of the camera she poses like a super model. Some models have some competition because Taylen Biggs is here to stay in the fashion world. You can truly say that the camera loves her.

Taylen Biggs launched her website taylenbiggs.com in New York City. When you see Taylen Biggs, she stands out in the crowd. Her hair, glitter makeup, and overall style stands out.

Once I stepped into Taylen Biggs website launch event, everything was super cute. The cake, candy bar, photo booth, and overall event layout was super cute and perfect. Let’s just say that Taylen’s cake was super delicious. I totally regret not eating two pieces of the cake. My favorite part about the website launch included the photo booth and interviewing Taylen Biggs. When I asked Taylen who her fashion inspiration was, she had the cutest response. She said her fashion inspiration was herself. If that doesn’t tell you that she is a superstar, I don’t know what else will.

Two FUN facts about Taylen:

If you did not know, Taylen Biggs is from the sunshine state of Florida.

Taylen Biggs also has the cutest sister named Aleia Biggs.

To keep up with Taylen Biggs, visit her website and follow her on social media!



Also check out the amazing people and brands apart of Taylen Biggs website launch

Event planner – @nevaehleheventsandweddings

Cake – @sweettreatsdelight

Photo booth – https://www.selfiecreationsny.com/

Photography – @purroy_photo_video

Lollipops – @sweetcarolineconfections

Event Collaborator -@sksoiress

Skittles, water, chip bags, and bags – @diaperdivacreations

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