The second brand apart of The Natural Hair Chronicles is the amazing Miss Jessie’s. Miss Jessie’s was started by sisters Miko and Titi Branch. I have been working with Miss Jessie’s ever since I was a little girl. Miss Jessie’s have played a big role in the “natural hair revolution”. When women with natural hair didn’t know how to maintain, they would turn to man relaxers that damage your hair. miss Jessie’s has helped women and men all around the world to embrace their natural beautiful hair from the very beginning.

Do you think you and your sister start of the revolution of women of different diverse backgrounds to embrace their natural hair.


My sister Titi and I are truly pioneers. 

During a time when there were no styling solutions or products for the tighter coiled curl (aka kinky textures or naturals) on the shelves of Target, Walmart, and CVS, my sister Titi Branch and I took to our kitchen table in Brooklyn, NY to create something out of nothing to help people to embrace their God given textures. In fact, many people (with an African Heritage) had no idea they had curly hair after many years of straightening or being told that their hair was maybe bad and not good. We wanted to help so we decided to share our styling methods (free) with the world as each one taught the other how to mange and care for their natural and curly hair.  We are so thrilled to see the tremendous change! When we look around, we see all kinds of texture being embraced world wide as well as in the media. Matter fact, natural and curly hair is now preferred. My sister Titi and I are proud of the significant role we played in the curly hair revolution for people to embrace their natural textures.

What collection would you recommend for young girls and boys with natural hair

Natural hair tends to be very porous and dry so any moisturizer or conditioner can always be of benefit to a young person with natural hair.

As for styling products, a young person is definitely focused on their appearance. That said, Miss Jessie’s has created so many wonderful styling products like Honey Curls, Curly Pudding, Pillow Soft Curls, Jelly Soft Curls and Coily Custard. The youth really love them all!

Is it important for people with beautiful natural here to embrace it.

It is important for people to embrace all that God gave them (which is a work of art). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, embracing one’s self at any given time is a personal choice.  However, it is very encouraging to know that when the time is right, each person has something wonderful to look forward to when it comes to the beautiful hair they were given naturally.

What is your fondest memory of your grandmother which Miss Jessie‘s was named after.

I have so many fond memories of my grandmother Miss Jessie Mae Branch. She was so many things all packaged up into one magnificent person. The memory that stands out to me most was her fearlessness. She made it a point to pass that quality down to all of her children and grandchildren. 

One time, my little cousin Chico was being bullied in Poughkeepsie, New York as my grandmother sat and watched from her living room window. On that day, she looked outside of her window as she watched me beat this boy up who was bothering my cousin.  Little did I know, this little boy had a big sister who came out of nowhere just to beat me up. While tousling outside with my cousins tormentor, I heard my grandmother call my sister’s name as she shouted, “Titi, you better get out there and help your sister!  And I mean right now!” She was adamant about us defending ourselves and defending our family. Protecting the ones we loved (including myself) would later serve me well in the future with all of the other bullies that were headed our way in business.

What are some additional tips you will give people with natural here to keep it healthy.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Condition, condition, condition!

Cleanse your hair and scalp.

Trim your ends.

Keep as much heat off of your hair as possible.

Talk to your hair in loving tones and enjoy it to the fullest!


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