Townley Girl is the top brand for girls to express their style and creativity. Townley Girl has the top products ranging from children cosmetics to hair products. Unlike other brands, Townley Girl products are the safest on the market. Townley Girl’s products feature lip gloss, peelable nail polish, and hair accessories. Girls also love Townley Girl because Townley Girl partners with today’s top brands. For example, Frozen, My Little Pony, Trolls, Emoji, and more. Townley Girl is the best brand for young girls to start practicing with makeup. Townley Girl goal is to  offer affordable high quality products for the children and the preteen market. Me personally being a teen, I still love the Townley Girl products. I love all of the lip glosses that Townley Girl offers. Lipglosses is one of the top products for the preteen and teen market.

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