Top Ten Necessary Items to Pack While Traveling

                                                         Picture: We Heart It

Traveling is a very adventurous, but it is important  that you pack your most necessary items. Below are the top ten items you should pack while traveling.

  1. tooth brush/tooth paste

Hygiene is really important everyday, not just for traveling. Imagine having stinky breath while traveling, like totally disgusting.

2. Underwear

I mean what else are you going to wear..leaves?

3. Wallet

If you do not bring your wallet while traveling, you mind as well be stranded.

4. Jacket

No matter where you travel, always bring a jacket. For example, LA weather is super hot, but the night weather is super chilly.

5. Socks

Wearing shoes without socks can be quite uncomfortable..

6. Comfortable shoes

Especially when you are on the plane, wearing comfortable shoes helps.

7. Headphones/ earbuds

I literally can’t go anywhere without my earbuds. Imagine having to hear yelling  babies on the plane. Also, hearing yelling babies while on vacation. Just bring headphones it solves all problems.

8. A charger

You are definitely going to need a charger for your phone. Buying charges at different destinations can also be very expensive.

9.Shampoo and conditioner

Do you want dirty hair ?

10. Suitcase

What else are you going to put your items in?


Picture: We Heart It