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I am Ameenha Lee, from ameenhalee.com. I am a model, fashionista, and blogger. You may know me from thelifestyleofameenhalee.com. Which is my second blog. You may have seen me on the runway and in magazines. If you do not know me at all, hello! ūüôā I will be blogging everyday about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, today's news and more. Make sure you type ameenhalee.com into your browser everyday! Also, share my blog with friends and family too! Make sure you follow my Instagram and twitter too. My feed is shown down below and on the rest of my pages.

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Blossom Sisters Dance Annual Benefit Concert


This following Friday, I had the pleasure to host the Blossom Sisters Dance annual benefit concert reflections, at Bergen Community College. Reflections is a metaphor to look in the mirror and to love yourself. Also, for thanking our loved ones for letting us do the things we love. For example, dance, art, and music. I had so much hosting the show with Christina and Alexandra Wright, known as The Fierce Twins. Also, Stephanie Marie Hanvey who was a contestant on American Idol. Once all of the hosts met, we had a instant connection. During the benefit concert, the energy was amazing. I was able to meet new friends and watch amazing dances choreographed by the amazing staff at Blossom Sisters Dance. The dances were all different types of dances. From ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and more. My favorite age group was the babies/toddlers. Their dances were so cute, funny, and entertaining.



Blossom Sisters Dance has a mission to empower girls through a dance arts education. Blossom Sisters believe that all girls should should dance and follow their dreams, no matter their economic situation. Blossom sisters Dance provides mentoring and education to numerous New Jersey public schools. Children face challenges due family income status, stereotypes, and discrimination. Blossom Sisters Dance plans to stop that within the youth. Dance Arts build confidence, discipline, elegance, posture, and poise. 40% of youth that are involved in extracurricular activities tend to be on track academically. Blossom Sisters Dance is changing the world and making the world their dance floor.
The sisters behind this amazing non profit is Shantanya and Shama. They are from Harlem New York. They both started dancing at the age of five. These sisters has always had the power of dance in their hearts. With that amazing power, these amazing sisters started their own Dance studio.

  You can donate to a very powerful cause so children can dance and follow their dreams. 



Song of the week

June 19-25

Song of the week

June 11-18

The Couture of Nail Polish: Essie

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If you have never used an Essie nail polish before, you are missing out. Essie is the couture of nail polish. Every time I get a manicure, my go to nail polish brand has always been Essie. No Essie means no manicure. Essie is the go to nail polish for every occasion. Essie is a award winning line of polishes and nail products for every woman and salon professional. Essie aims to inspire a love for the manicure experience with style that touches the heart of women globally. Essie is the go to nail brand for celebrities, industry insiders, fashion icons, and beauty professionals. Essie provides a long lasting polish that is yet so stylish. Essie has over 1,000 shades. With Essie, you can express your style with a manicure. Isn't that cool?  Essie stands for high quality standards.

Pictured in the slideshow is the new Essie collections. Including, essie 2017 summer collection. Also, essie's new wild nudes collection. These two collections are my favorites.The essie summer collection features blue-la-la, baguette me not, foundant of you, and more chic shades. This collection features soft pastels to playful metallics.

 Essies new wild nudes collection will show the world your new colors. Nude is a new color making its mark. From nude lipstick to a nude dress. The nudes in this collection is a light tan to a wash of white to shadowy blue. Nail polishes featured in this collection is bare with me, exposed, truth or bare, and more. 

My favorite nail polishes are s'il vous play and sweet souffle. S'il vous play is a lavender pink foil. The sweet souffle is a iridescent is a sugar white. I can wear these two shades no matter the occasion or time.

Essie is changing the world with one shade at a time. You can shop essie and my favorite shades at...

Essie nail polishes are also sold at stores. For example, Macys, Kohls, Nordstrom , and more global markets.


Top Protective Natural Hair Styles

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1.) Buns/ top knots

2.) Box braids

3.) Twists

4.) Cornrows


Wonder, by RJ Palacio, is turned into a movie

Many book series have turned into Hollywood films. For example, Harry Potter, by J.K Rowling. Wonder is about a boy named Auggie with a rare facial deformity. Auggie has had many surgeries so he can hear, breathe, and see. Auggie has been homeschooled his entire life by his parents. Until, the start of middle school. Auggie soon learns the importance of friends, family, and love. Auggie goes through a hard time fitting in at school. He soon learns the importance of not being ordinary and being your own person.

Song of the Week

June 4-10

Camila Cabello- Crying in the Club 

Song of the Week

May 28- June 3

Ariana Grande-Knew Better/ Forever Boy

Summer Checklist 2017


As you may know, summer is in less than a month. That means no school, whoot whoot. A checklist for the summer is perfect. You can set goals while having fun. ¬†The following checklist will be an example of mine. ūüôā

1.) Finish summer packet early( All students do ours last minute).

2.) See nine movies.

3.) Finish a whole season of a show in three to four days.

4.) Bake cupcakes and make ice cream.

5.) Go to the beach.

6.) Go diving.

7.) Ride a bike.

8.)Hang out with friend.

9.) Take the longest nap ever.

10.) Have a water and/or pillow fight.

11.) Go shopping.

12.) Attempt to cook( I will try at least),

Recommended Movies for The Summer


1.) The whole entire Harry potter series.

2.) Aquamarine.

3.) What a Girl Wants

4.) The Little Mermaid

5.) Beauty and The Beast

6.) The Princess Diaries

7.) The Boss Baby

8.) Guardians of The Galaxy 2

Song of the Week

May 20-27 

Ariana Grande Moonlight 

The Biggest Beauty Party of The Year!


Beautycon is the biggest beauty party of the year. Beautycon takes place in London, Dubai, New York City, and Los Angeles. What is Beautycon? Beautycon has a mission to change traditional beauty standards and redefine what beauty means. Beautycon focus on innovators of all races, ages, and identities. Beautycon has a very diverse community. From, content creators, influencers, celebrities, and fans. Beautycon creates connections with their communities through the Beautycon Box, Beautycon Festivals, and Beautycon Digital platforms. Beautycon Festivals has over 100,00 fans.  Beautycon has the Beautycon Box. The Beautycon Box is created by a different creator each season. The Beautycon Box has over a $150 retail value in each.

Since 2015, I have been attending Beautycon in New York City. I heard about Beautycon through social media and online. I saw the latest trendsetters and influencers promoting the Beautycon Box. Also, attending Beautycon in different countries and states. I instantly fell in love with Beautycon. At Beautycon, I am able to interact with other brands and influencers. Such as, Shea Moisture, Yes To Tomatoes, SOO AE, imPress, Zena Foster, Rimmel London, and more. Beautycon is definitely  an event you should mark on your calendar. You will get to interact with and see the latest trendsetters and brands.  

Our Mission

13 reasons why
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The Most Innovative Toy of The Year

FlipAZoo is the new innovative toy of the year. FlipAZoo is the toy that flips for you. FlipAZoo has the amazing Mini Collectibles and Flipzee Stuffed Toys. The Flipzee Stuffed Toys are two buddies in one. With the Flipzee Stuffed Toy, you get adorable animals that flip back and forth. With two sides for fun! A secret character is revealed when you flip. So cool! The Flipzees are so cool to collect. You can get rare, common, special edition, limited edition, and extremely rare Flipzees. I am trying to collect as many extremely rare Flipzees as I can. At any age, you will have fun playing with this new  innovative toy. My favorite Flipzee is the pink sparkle hippo. The pink sparkle hippo later flips into a gold cat. I love the pink sparkle hippo because I love sparkles. Finally, the FlipAZoo Mini Collectibles are my favorite. Why you may ask? This collectible is my favorite because I can play with my mini Flipazoo at school, home, and with my friends. FlipaZoo is for ages four and up. You can also shop FlipaZoo at Walmart. When you order a FlipaZoo, you also get a little Flipzee for free! You can also shop FlipaZoo at buyflipazoo.com 


Recommended TV Shows for Spring/Summer 2017

  • 13 Reasons Why
  • iZombie
  • Stranger Things
  • Blackish
  • Full House
  • Modern Family
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My Workout Routine


Summer is coming in less than a month. Many girls definitely want to achieve that great summer body. To achieve your ideal shape, do not care about ¬†how other girls bodies look. It is your body, there is no perfect shape. As long as you feel confident, that is what is important. Also, do not care about the scale. Weight can effect a persons mind in a good or bad way. Just find the motivation to drive you to get that awesome summer body. ūüôā As a model, I want to stay fit. I workout at home for most days of the week. My workout routine consists of..

20 push ups

50 sit ups

40 calf raises

10 mountain climbers

20 arm circles

40 lunges

40 pile squats

15 jumping jacks

10 dead lifts

20 high knees

20 leg raises

15 chair dips

Note: You do not have to follow this exact routine. Working out has many pros. Such as, building and maintaining healthy bones and joints. Second, improves mental activity. Third, working out helps you sleep better. Lastly, working out prevents high blood pressure.



13 Reasons Why Renewed for Season 2?

13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why is the top show of 2017. 13 Reasons Why is streamed on Netflix.The best news was just released recently. This amazing show has been renewed for a second season. 13 reasons Why is definitely a show that needs to be watched. Since season one is finished, many questions have been asked. What is season two going to be about?  The biggest question of all, Is Hannah still alive? In my opinion, I believe so. One fun fact about the show is, Selena Gomez was supposed to be Hannah Baker. Selena Gomez is actually is the executive producer of 13 Reasons Why.

Fun NYC Day At Hornblower Cruises

Hornblower cruises creates amazing experiences. Hornblower cruises offers dinner, brunch, private charter, sightseeing cruises and more.  I had the pleasure to attend one of the Hornblower cruises. When I first got on the cruise, there was awesome music playing. All day long, people were dancing. There was never a time when the dance floor was empty. During this event, I met and  talked to many kind people. The cruise is a tour of New York City. Your breath with be taken away by seeing the amazing sights during the cruise. My favorite sight I saw during the cruise was the Statue of Liberty. I also loved the food during the Hornblower cruise. You are served your choice of burger, toppings and sauce. You also get fries on the side. I have to admit, the best chicken sandwich I ever had was thanks to  this cruise. During the end of the cruise, no one wanted to leave. Laughter crowded the ship. My stomach hurt due to having so much fun. I would highly recommend going on Hornblower cruises. You can go for all occasions. Birthday celebrations, anniversary's, and more. To see amazing sights, meet new people, eat amazing food, Hornblower cruise is just for you. Hornblower cruises is for all ages!



Alex DIY and Alex Spa Review


Lately, many young girls, tweens, and teens express their style and uniqueness in different ways. I would say my style is very colorful, unique, and bold. Alex brands has Alex D.I.Y and Alex spa. I adore these two collections. With Alex D.I.Y and Alex spa, I was able to express myself with the Glitzy Locks hair sparkle, enamel pins, and a fabulous nail roller. If I had to choose, my favorite product was the glitzy locks hair sparkle. You can easily add glitter sequins to your hair. This product is for ALL hair textures, which I love. I was able to put the glitter sequins on my natural curly hair. I always look for new products so I can express myself, while having fun. At any age, you can use Alex spa and Alex D.I.Y. No matter your style. You can shop Alex spa and Alex D.I.Y at




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Songs of The Week

Touch Little Mix                                 May 12-19                                                                                                            I'm the One Dj Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne.
                                                             May 4-May 11
Despacito(Remix) Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber
                                                           April 27-May 4